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  1. This is a really helpful explanation, thanks. I'll have a look for it online 🙂

  2. Is this in the literal sense using a houseboat on the ocean or does this mean something else? Haha

  3. Are you not worried about the gyb stuff cracking during transport/ movement? And it's a lot heavier than ply, isn't it?

  4. ply looks cheap, feels cheap, has lower acoustic + R values and requires strapping for the joins. Which doesn't look or feel like a quality home.

  5. What body licenses plasters? Genuine question. I’ve been a tradie for 25yrs, never once heard of a licensed plasterer.

  6. Hey, got a financial related question! If yer not comfortable answering it I completely understand, but how much would the shell/complete trailer without interior like furniture cost?

  7. Metric and American R-values are in different units FYI. R6 anywhere else is about R34 in the USA, that's probably why you're talking past each other!

  8. Are you going to gypsum board the interior?

  9. Yep, we include backing plates for all joins, use metal beads to reinforce the corners and we double tape the joins.

  10. What gauge metal studs are you using? Why did you forgo the studs for the joists?

  11. I've always been curious how those run. Engine seems small for such a big vehicle. Can they cruise on the freeways here?

  12. Its a decent motor, running a 4.2l 4cyl. They have a lot of torque and can pretty comfortably sit at about 90-100ks on flat. They don't like big hills though.

  13. Thanks, that’s a lot more than we were expecting but I appreciate you taking the time. What about just repairing spots where the mortar has gone?

  14. I was always told that steel studs cannot be used structurally, they are strictly for partitions and such. So do you think supporting the roof with them like you have is going to be ok long term?

  15. Why steel frames instead of wood? Not knocking it, just curious.

  16. Looking good! I guess I missed Update 2!! What’s the dimensions of your Tiny Home?

  17. These are built around here from 2x6 wood. So crazy heavy. 6" i assume because of insulation requirements. So thats a road block?

  18. Also yes the plans are set to above engineers specs, with inspections throughout the process.

  19. Renogy is pretty top tier, but also pricey, there's a brand we have here which is called lifepo4oz


  21. Bought one to test for potential installs in our off grid systems we build into the tiny homes and campervans we build

  22. Looks like you're in for a busy few months. Do you fabricate the trailers yourself too?

  23. Nah we don't, we source that out at the moment as it's just faster and cheaper all around

  24. Where are you building this? Home shop? Paying for the bay to build?

  25. Perforated?? Someone paid a pretty penny.

  26. Clean and simple! I like it! You guys on Instagram?

  27. Looks beautiful! I wouldn’t like having no access to the front seats though. Does make the living space super cozy.

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