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  1. Hi, what's a good starting amount for Matched Betting? Would £100 be okay or would I need more? Since I've never done it before I'm just a bit wary of putting in too much, at least at this stage as a beginner.

  2. £100 is what I started with, it's definitely enough to get going!

  3. Thank you very much for posting this guide! I've just learnt about matched betting this week and starting to get into it, kinda struggling to understand it so doing some reading lol. Quick wee question, once I've used up the free £30 bet at betfair, I'm not sure how to use Betfair's exchange to make money when using it with the other welcome offers on other betting sites. Is it still useful or do I have to find another exchange?

  4. Glad it was of help! Yes, You can use Betfair's exchange to lay bets you make on other betting sites. However Betfair commission is quite high, so you would probably be better off using another exchange like smarkets.

  5. Not saying I’m laughing at them being cautious. Just laughing at them that say it’s fake before trying it

  6. I think the best thing to do is actually show people a demonstration of matching a free bet, let them see that more money is coming out of your accounts than is going in, show them the maths behind it and the calculators in use. Once people see it in action, they know it's legit.

  7. Okay cool thanks. A bit confused as I’m doing the qualifying offer, and it’s a draw offer. So both the odds on Betfred and Betfair are to draw which is fine, but surely that means if it doesn’t draw, I lose on both? This is using the profit accumulator calculator so I’m not doing it wrong..

  8. You've bet for the draw on Betfred, and against the draw on the exchange. This means that if the team draw, you get paid out on Betfred. If the Team win or lose, you get paid out on the exchange. You're covered in all outcomes.

  9. Upskilling at work, taking certifications for promotions and pay rises will always out perform anything like this in terms of time to salary ratio I would imagine

  10. I agree with you, but not everyone is working a job where a promotion/pay rise is in the near future for them, or even on the cards. Or, even if you are working towards a promotion, it may be a ways away. The idea here is that if someone needs some extra money right now, then they have these options readily available to them.

  11. These are some really impressive earnings, great to see someone sharing their experience with matched betting, as most people understandably think it's too good to be true before they try it.

  12. I saw your earnings reports earlier while trying to figure out how to format my post. Very impressive earnings and I hope to be able to hold it out and continue like you do :)

  13. Cheers. Best of luck in the months ahead!

  14. Matched Betting is a good one for earning £200-£400 per month. £100 per month is easily achievable using this method, and in relation to your tax query, all profit made from matched betting is also tax free.

  15. Thanks very much for this info, already with respondent but will definitely be signing up to UserInterviews with your link!

  16. I've had no luck with Appen. Signed up around 6 months ago, applied for everything. Nothing.

  17. Projects apparently fill up a lot faster since covid. Are you using Appen on phone or pc? Because depending on the type of phone you're using/how old your phone is, you may be limited to what projects you get offered.

  18. Yes, that's exactly right. When you sign up to Profit Accumulator they provide you with a list of all the bookmakers you need to complete the free bet offers.

  19. What things do you suggest to keep your accounts going and keep receiving the offers?

  20. The only advice I can really give here is that I'd be cautious not to overuse certain offers. For example, Bet 365 once had a £50 refund offer on horse racing, I attempted this offer something like 8 times in one day and the next day, as you might guess, I lost my account.

  21. How long does it typically take to start working with Appen in the UK?

  22. It varies from person to person. Some people see projects appear very soon after they sign up, for other people it takes over a month to be offered their first project. My advice would be to just go ahead and sign up, complete your profile fully and then check back every few days on the projects section of the site. Be sure to select 'All projects' so you can see all the work that's available for you.

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