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After two months of intermittent pain, I passed my kidney stone.

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  1. The last piece of home gym equipment you'll ever need!!!

  2. Not only that there’s Ethiopians that go as far as not classifying themselves as black, for instance this Ethiopian here claims he’s got Eurasian blood and does his best to distance himself from black people and claims superiority over others

  3. Yup. I work with the blackest peoples of Ethiopia in the west and south; I hear some of the highlanders calling them 'slave' in Amharic as we walk around Addis. They don't even try to whisper it, just blatant ስድብ

  4. blk is a place holder for a person's real background? No other nation categorizes bw W/Blk, it's just a segregation after effect. Many are just bewildered when coming here.

  5. I did. Digitally worked out just fine

  6. Sorry for adding onto this but I’m waiting for my verification code now, once I get it I can do it digitally? I’d rather go digital than the mail in.

  7. LMAOO sorry bout that😭. I'll be honest, none of the members of my group have ever read anything by Tolkien so mistakes were kinda expected ://

  8. University level students saying "mistakes were expected" but those mistakes are getting the author's name wrong and misspelling "Hobbit" is a solid example of the state of education in America.

  9. I believe Vilnius is in Lithuania

  10. Life Pro Tip: One strategy might be to type something, e.g. Gandalf, then to compare what you have written with what you were trying to write to make sure the letters are the same.

  11. Insufficient information. I could be Teresa's daughter or son-in-law, OR just some deadbeat dad who was afraid of commitment.

  12. With no other frame of reference you could equally convince me that that is a very small woman.

  13. Like the people that lift your mum to change her sheets.

  14. Like the people who have to haul your kidney stone to the local pawnshop.

  15. I'm sure that sounded better in your head.

  16. Do you have a strain of yeast you would recommend for a coffee mead that compliments the flavors well through the fermentation process?

  17. I do not. I am a bit of a slap-dash brewer

  18. The supreme dictator will be cloned from the DNA of Trump, Elizabeth II, and Putin (collected from stray hairs, cooked up in a secret lab in Lichtenstein)

  19. Is this company publically traded? I want in

  20. The English monarch has no international jurisprudence... why would you expect her to prosecute anybody? Do some minimal research before you hate on somebody. She was an admirable queen

  21. That's an impressive lift! Total respect... but I do fear for your tendons with that wrist position 😬

  22. Above advice is good. Basically at the end, instead of dropping your hips more for depth you drop your chest. Gotta keep that chest up, get deeper, then come out by thinking of a chain pulling up on your tailbone while keeping your back rigid/lifting in sync

  23. deadlift and squat on the same day is a bad idea for getting the most out of both

  24. Introduce a major bug to the next Minecraft update

  25. Take a boombox on public transit all day playing "Never gonna give you up" on loop.

  26. Agree with many of your points. What are your thoughts on having a permanent home or castle you can upgrade in the later game? Cause right now there’s no storage for all the cool stuff you can get.

  27. A permanent home would be a good place to allow mental and weather related fatigue

  28. Can we make these weapons forgeable please?


  30. After a few reboots of the game (and my computer a few times), it seems to have fixed itself

  31. Apparently YOU CAN! 👏🏼👍🏼👏🏼

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