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Better Call Saul S06E13 - [Series Finale] "Saul Gone" - LIVE-Episode Discussion Thread

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. So you're ok with raising your taxes to put up housing for people who are in this situation? Or is this more moaning by many about how awful this is, and somebody else should do something?

  2. It actually would cost the city less to deal with it humanely

  3. Sat in front of a guy like this at AEW Toronto

  4. I use Clarkson, they blow instead of plow, and in general I highly recommend.

  5. I laughed uproariously when he tried to rush the “man in black” line while flying but the man died too soon.

  6. lulz low tension bottom rope like crew already started load out. I'm marking.

  7. There are pics and vids on twitter - they loosened it to get hangman out

  8. They loosened the rope to get the stretcher out with page on it

  9. He is a friend of mine outside of politics. He has really good character, I am not here to sway anyone, just put my 2cents in because there are far worse candidates on this list, lol.

  10. Personally, the type of person I'd look for in a good friend is probably different than what I want in a politician.

  11. I'd like to see proof of that, it'll sway my vote.

  12. If you go through his history as an MP he voted against every LGBTQ+ initiative

  13. Glad security helped you out.

  14. Not really, unfortunately. I've been resigned to zoom mics and the odd Toronto trip.

  15. Where even was the Merch sold, I couldn’t find it anywhere

  16. There was a booth outside of the second entrance, and another inside around section 112 (in between the two entrances)

  17. Unicycle guy is great, I used to work with him

  18. i love unicycle guy!! i wish i knew more about him and why he does what he does

  19. It's a really emotional story, but he's an open book if you chat with him. Nice guy.

  20. I'm pretty surprised by how overwhelmingly positive these comments are. I thought the movie sucked. A far cry away from the greatness of the first movie. Totally unfunny, plus the writing and acting felt awkward.

  21. Surprised I had to a scroll this far down to see this.

  22. His signs made me laugh - "Mike McCann has a plan"

  23. Canadian Tire used to have on their sign out front "we fill nitrogen tires"

  24. You'll be fine at planet fitness. Nobody gives a shit about you, you just go, work out, and leave.

  25. isnt that the one with an overly sensitive lunk alarm?

  26. I haven't heard them use it in probably 3 years

  27. Second city does zoom classes and they're LOVELY

  28. It'll probably be hard to find. Whatever retro jerseys are being sold these days seem to be the Blue spring training jerseys from the early 90s and a World Series vintage here and there.

  29. Oh that makes sense for why they wouldn't sell them, thanks

  30. Seconded. Price was great, quality was great, delivery guys were INCREDIBLE.

  31. Bro I called that right after the casino ladder match. Check my post history fuck yeahhhhhhh

  32. ... It was pretty obvious

  33. Feels weird that the challenger had to be talked into taking the match

  34. I've used Mr Pest Control and I've found them to be really great.

  35. Do they find them as well? I don’t want them to just be dead hidden around my garage. And do they do follow up inspections as well?

  36. They place bait stations around the areas that will be high traffic for the rodents. Like in the walls and attic hatches - you won't see the stations.

  37. Pretty sure he is, he was booked for an Indy show in Toronto for today before he re-signed

  38. Woulda been cool to not have Marie spoiled by the people watching on demand.

  39. I was so confused how everybody was calling her out while I was on commercial

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