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  1. You could also try a different theme like a castle or DeLorean.

  2. Is it city or just creator in the middle? Spot on for the other 2 (lightsaber hilts, throwing stars give those away)

  3. Creator and creator expert (building a modular city)

  4. From far i thought it was an old boba so zoomed in and was the first thing I noticed too.

  5. I feel like my collection of extra parts was less green than yours. Enjoy the sort!

  6. I kept my Star Wars, Ninjago and Modulars extras apart. You can clearly see the DNA of each theme.

  7. Leave no brick behind! Separators have family too.

  8. Kind of an ironic name in that sense…

  9. Yea I’m sick of Audi and their dope ass concepts that I can’t have. This and the Skysphere is crazy.

  10. What about the Hyundai N vision. Would definitely buy (and even looks like an 80’s Audi)

  11. Don’t tell him he could make a “everyone is mummy” build

  12. It looks like its a old and new bluish grey build, am I right?

  13. Bruce Wayne wants to have a chat

  14. Big Lego AND Boston fan here 👌🏽

  15. Really cool. And I think it fits next to the tusken brickheadz too!

  16. I can hear the NFS 2 menu music in my head rn

  17. Intensifying with increasing speed.

  18. Asking… Rarest Lego set (UN van with minifig / Canada only) sell for and sold for $3,500. Get outta here with this garbage asking prices, who pays that. Show me. Seriously.

  19. These are limited to a few hundred so rarer than any lego set. And these aren’t even the most expensive…

  20. I’m traveling and just sat next to a German guy who’s voice was exactly like Seb’s…

  21. We Germans come only with 3 voice packages and one of them is the "Sebastian Vettel"-Voice-Packages, so you'll be able to find a lot of people with the same voice as Sebastian. Actually, I'm one of them, so if you want to listen to Sebastian Voice without really speaking to him, hit me up

  22. I could guess one of the other voice packages 😐

  23. If you believe the Gazzetta article from yesterday, Renault didn't actually manage to find any power.

  24. Inserting orangutan meme: wheres power

  25. Me too, and someone made a really good one!

  26. Lego AT-AT seems curious about the toy.

  27. Jesus, took me a while to understand all the jokes.

  28. Ah, continuing where you had left before construction.

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