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  1. Your AD said that Shrewsberry called and informed him he was leaving. Is this not accurate?

  2. That sucks then, not a great look

  3. Yea… I get him wanting to go home, but I wish he was more up front about it.

  4. He didn't screw you. This is just a normal result of a coaching change. Nothing malicious from Shrewsberry

  5. The unintentional consequences of him leaving can still screw us…

  6. It's extremely rare for a school to benefit from a coach leaving to take another job

  7. Maybe a couple years ago when the transfer portal didn’t exist, back then we would have at least had a serviceable roster, now who knows at this point.

  8. ND is for NIL, they just want clear, enforceable rules on what is and what isn’t allowed. What they don’t want is pay for play. Article states as much. I don’t know what penn state’s basketball NIL looks like, but ND has a healthy NIL program. How else do you think they got Hartman?

  9. Brother if you don’t think a Top 10 quarterback in the country didn’t get paid to transfer I got a ocean property in North Dakota to sell you

  10. He was a QB at Wake Forest and transferred to Notre Dame.

  11. I mean our average attendance for the season was over 8k. Our gym is just too big for a school that doesn’t prioritize basketball.

  12. Honestly should just knock it down and play @ Pegula.

  13. The PSU classic. Usually beat the bad teams, never beat the elite teams, never play a game that matters.

  14. TBF we just skull dragged the Pac-12 Champ in the Rose Bowl.

  15. Yup I watched and certainly a good win! But bowl games are sadly largely meaningless nowadays, and I would really struggle to call any PAC-12 team elite.

  16. Well... they beat USC twice, and USC beat you guys.

  17. And god forbid you give a reasonable nuanced take that straddles both sides, and people downvote you for it and either call you a CA bootlicker, or a hater of the game.

  18. If they move to 9 conference games Tennessee drops one of their G5/FCS gimme games, or the SEC sticks with 8 conference games.

  19. "Marchand a Big 12 simp confirmed." - some Pac-12 fan

  20. I've heard that ND is pretty locked-in on Shrewsberry, unfortunately.

  21. Did Cooley accept? The title just says what was offered.

  22. When did the Big East get all nasty and cutthroat

  23. I was downvoted into the shadow realm a while back for saying that Penn State was the most likely protected game with USC of the current big 3.

  24. Yea I kind of figured we would be getting at least 1 of USC/UCLA since we are probably the most flexible in terms of rivalries of the Big 3.

  25. Come join us and you can bask in this with us annually!

  26. Penn State doesn’t have a med school, and UMD is nearby if you’re from around Baltimore or the York, /Lancaster/Harrisburg region. I’m guessing Penn State and Pitt have some crossover for the same reason.


  28. They must not have noticed the Andy Ludwig debacle.

  29. If you're to believe Dodd, which I don't think anyone should at this point, doesn't this news put the brakes, at least for the foreseeable future, on any additional expansion? We know FOX is pretty much driving the truck here, so, until the Big 10's media rights are up again, I really don't see them expanding. Unless I'm totally misreading this story.

  30. Our media partners don’t want to get back into expansion until the new commissioner takes office.

  31. I love you brother, but you can't take twitter rumors and articles over the direct quotes from a prez.

  32. There is no way in hell the president of Arizona has direct insider knowledge on how the move to the Big Ten went down at UCLA.

  33. It's like, 8% of men are color blind in one way, shape, or form. That's not "extremely minority."

  34. Maybe they can try being less colorblind next time? /s

  35. Can we wear our scarlets and just make this a weird as hell looking game?

  36. UConn would probably be my choice. They fill the largest gap in P5 coverage in the entire country. Followed by Buffalo and UNLV

  37. Technically they were Power 6 in the old Big East.

  38. US news is really not a strict academic ranking. Think of it more like a recommendation for what undergraduate institute to go to, values things like class size, available financial resources, and graduation rates.

  39. ARWU is what the AAU uses to see if a school is a fit for its membership.

  40. November in the south is pretty mild. We should also do labor day weekend games here too!

  41. Having one of the matchups at a neutral site like the Rose Bowl would be pretty cool.

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