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  1. no prompt actually, it’s a blend of like 5 different images i had in my camera roll gradually tweaked through variation to get it where i wanted it. that’s actually how i got most of these images

  2. 2’s got some interesting frutiger aero / late ‘90s clipart vibes about it

  3. I was in high school and there was this girl I barely knew from a parallel class (we had mutual friends), and one time we were talking online and she goes 'ugh i'm so ugly everyone hates me because I'm so unattractive' and I said something among the lines of 'I don't know anything about attractiveness but I'd sleep with you, so there's that', and she says 'do it'. And we did.

  4. gotta love that low self esteem pussy

  5. Haven’t seen much of it but most of the people there rlly have no business being on it. Def just looking for validation

  6. the day i post pictures of myself and ask random people on the internet to rate my attractiveness is the day i also check myself into a psych ward

  7. Prompt I used was: "A painting of a blue skinned horse grinning at itself in the mirror, happy that life get easier --niji 5"

  8. 4 lookin more “blue, skinned horse” than “blue-skinned horse”

  9. I'm convinced Asians make the spiciest food out there. I tried one of those really spicy ramen bowls from Japan with the cute little chicken that becomes a muscular pheonix on the brand and it destroyed me.

  10. Yvette Young (covet) does her own, but then again she's great at everything..

  11. she does the album art too? that’s actually wild

  12. yeah, LSD Dream Emulator. it was released on the PS1 tho

  13. 4 appears to have an interesting arrangement of RCA A/V jacks on the back of his head.

  14. its the front of his head, actually

  15. Fifth circle of hell looks like a vacation

  16. Don’t remember exactly but it was something like “dark pastel vaporwave album cover by hiroshi Nagai, 1980s Japanese city pop aesthetic, coastal scenery”

  17. I'm shocked nobody's mentioned hotline miami yet

  18. Do you like doing electrical projects? Do you like working with wires, reading schematics, fixing things?

  19. Yeah honestly, I do. That’s the part that I care about. When I work on coding and hardware projects where I can physically apply the things I learned in order to accomplish something, I actually enjoy the work. I’m hoping to work on some solo projects over spring break and the summer, since I’ve heard those are attractive to employers and because it would give me a chance to try and remember why I chose the major in the first place. I just wish I had the time to devote myself to those during the semester.

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