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  1. Hey, congrats on writing the first novel - and best of luck with those that follow!

  2. Just post these in the same post from now on mate, it'll stop the clutter.

  3. AKCS has a great Mortal Injury table for characters who are reduced to 0 hit points or less.

  4. Okay, that all sounds suitably horrible.

  5. Welcome to Triage: the emergency room roleplaying game. Do you have what it takes to survive?

  6. I have Aftermath, I'll dive in deeper there. Cheers!

  7. Hello everyone! I'm one of the developer of Flat28, a collective working on a new game called GlassHouse !

  8. The graphics look great, but what separates a post-capitalist setting from any post-apocalyptic setting?

  9. Yea see, I live on the south side of the Canadian border sooooooo… heat retention is like, absolutely CRUCIAL

  10. I live in the tropics in Australia, so I'm more worried about the humidity and cyclones lol

  11. Yeah last winter it was -30 Fahrenheit (-34 Celsius) easily, even dipping below that at times

  12. It's been raining for 3 weeks here...

  13. I'm considering doing a citycrawl, making a new building or area each day. Not sure if I want to do fantasy or sci fi yet though. Or if I even have the time or energy :P

  14. Yeah, I think that's what this is all about - a small amount of effort each day to insure that the megadungeon gets done.

  15. Okay.... why do people keep saying there's going to be kickstarters next year? What about these dungeons will require kickstarters? The art?

  16. Okay so, Dying Earth is another Post-Apocalyptic sub-genre with its own unique tropes.

  17. I like to think of my preferred sub genre as apocalyptic bio/body horror which is basically any society ending bio-weapon, or parasite. This of course includes zombies but also the Alien series and the Thing are some of my other favorites in this category.

  18. Okay, could you put that into some kind of concise sub-genre - or does that just fall under Body-Horror?

  19. Very different vibes for these games.

  20. Before Fallout 4, and some elements of it, Fallout has a lot of similar elements to Wasteland (no.3 specific)

  21. Yeah, because Fallout 1 is based on Wasteland. There was some dev team cross over back in the old days.

  22. I don't quite understand the "tiles" you're looking for. What do you mean by tiles? Are you talking like a map? A battlemap sort of thing?

  23. Sorry, I didn't know the correct term. Geomorph seems to be it.

  24. I think you might be looking for geomorphs?

  25. That's what I'm looking for, thanks heaps! Sorry, I didn't know they were called Geomorphs.

  26. Just FYI, we're more about post apocalyptic stories - not so much the prepper lifestyle.

  27. Nm, just cut some junk from the link and it worked.

  28. You're looking at turning this into a post-apocalyptic journal that you can publish?

  29. This looks great, I've never heard of this publisher before. Thanks!

  30. Is there meant to be more to this?

  31. I think it depends on what you focus on.

  32. Great looking stuff, you're focusing on PA content or just dipping your toe in it?

  33. This one isn't something I wrote, just boosting the signal for the creator!

  34. TLDR - It's post-apocalyptic for as long as the people define their world by the apocalypse that has already passed. It could be 10 years, or thousands... but once there's something better and more prominent on the horizon, or already arrived, the world ceases to be post-apocalyptic and shifts into post-post apocalyptic.

  35. Yeah, Ironsworn is a true gift! Shawn Tomkin’s library of work is stunning and top quality.

  36. Okay, so it's sounding like there's a definite use for each style of table. That's interesting, I guess I was approaching the vague-style table from the wrong angle but it's good to find out they've got reliable use.

  37. Mythic GME was the first game master emulator, and came out in the early 2000’s.

  38. Oh damn, thanks for the reply! Sorry, I had to duck overseas and didn't get the notification.

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