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  1. I’m an American fan and I don’t want any of this bullshit. Don’t lump us in with them! I think it’s more accurate to say that these are essentially American capitalists which I don’t think represents “Americans”. The vast majority of us don’t want our country at work this way, we’re just powerless to do anything about it.

  2. All of that bullshit except all star games is already part of european football and has been for awhile now lol

  3. I love how now Chelsea fans choose to clutch their pearls about changing football.

  4. Not to mention the fact that literally everything he listed existed before american interference other than all star games which arent happening. Boehly isnt handling himself super well but ffs hes going down paths european clubs have been down already, hes not a trailblazer here. Nobody cares when its a european sugar daddy i guess

  5. Are you going to post this for first 5 matches and so on? What a useless post!

  6. If haaland continues to mirror agueros goalscoring then probably lmao

  7. Lad to track progress we have to see pics from you know, not the same day rather over a period of time

  8. I wouldnt tell anybody that unless we were really good friends even if their mom is hot as shit

  9. Same here, it doesn't matter what the temperature is, actually colder is better because jerking off warms you up.

  10. Bro this post is like 10 months old wyd here

  11. Tuanzebe had a few great games sprinkled into a career of averageness

  12. I mean, united could use just an average cb rn as a sqaud option.

  13. Our CB's are not nearly our biggest issues rn, we have Varane (or Maguire) and Lindelof on the bench who are both way better than Tuanzebe, so that doesn't really do us any good

  14. Selling maguire for some money and replacing him with tuanzebe wouldnt be the worst thing in the world, only problem is varane is pretty injury prone.

  15. Except ManU. 50M euro for someone no one ever heard of and the 5th choice for a position in a team? Its equals to Gabriel Jesus fee. Its mental. Id rather get Depay for free

  16. People have absolutely heard of cunha bro what are you talking about? Definitely a little steep of a price but not a robbery

  17. Is that the kind of flavor you want though like when gordon ramsey is complaining about something being bland he doesnt want you to take off your pants and shit on the plate even though that would have a strong flavor

  18. Less than a year there might not be anything you can do. That shit happens, in the future if you really want to keep someone you cant let their contract get below like 2.5 years. That way you can make them unhappy by rejecting offers or negotiate a selling price nobody can pay to keep them at bay until theyll accept a new contract. My star player currently (Im at Hearts and the man is a consistent starter for brazil) gets at least one new contract a season lmao

  19. No the man has a solid 8 or so inches in height advantage and seeing as ive never fought anybody in my life (neither have they tbf so even there) i dont believe i am an adept enough fighter to overcome the physical disadvantage

  20. Wtf does youre 15 have to do with anything they werent flirting with you lmao

  21. Good. Haircuts are something its worth dropping money on so i do.

  22. Distribute to cbs, dm to dlp instead of bwm, lower tempo and lower directness (i prefer one notch above the lowest possible), maybe even run a false nine if you want, but af can still work

  23. Super political kids, atleast with the other ones you can talk about a hobby nicely, but with political kids if you disagree with them it'll be a nightmare

  24. Also ive never heard an opinion from a super political kid of any political ideology that isnt dumb as shit

  25. Why would someone be advocating against fatphobia when they themselves are attempting to become skinny lmao

  26. So what youre saying is the enviroment which is pretty important osnt worth the mildest of incoveniences

  27. The vast majority of paper straws are going to be obtained at a food venue, so if you were to avoid them altogether likely this would have to involve said venues switching out their paper for plastic which is more than just one persons plastic straws. Not to mention how when everybodu thinks like that nothing gets done, etc etc

  28. It would be amazing to see some of these Man U players leave and become champions league quality at another club.

  29. I mean its not like Dalot was champions league quality at milan, and I think awb could be good in the right system but not for a champions leavue side

  30. Take one that factors into your ideal major in college. I fucked around taking 2 years of college course in hs but only like half of them actually factor into my major

  31. God I just know women so well

  32. Saf won EPL with cleverly in the midfield and an ageing squad. That man can literally do anything

  33. Against 2022 city/liverpool though?

  34. That man adapted his playing style for almost 2-3 generation type of players. You think he wouldn't have done it again?

  35. I think hed have them up there given a couple seasons, but I dont think there is a person on the planet right now that couldve taken over at the same time as ten hag with the same backing and guide them to the title barring an absolute miracle. Anything short of Jesus coming down from heaven to manage wouldnt be enough to dethrone city or liverpool

  36. I usually just jump ship when the opportunity arises, unless ive become attatched to a club in which case I always try to leave them in a good situation instead of just resigning mid season

  37. Scott mcsauce is cracked bro if theyre losing it cant be him or fredinhos fault, and i mean trying to play total football with uniteds squad is kind of ten hags fault

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