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  1. Looks like a pin got stuck in the belt and the ball just continued to rub on it. Should be an easy fix, drill another. 😆

  2. Bowled a Youth/Adult tourney in my second year bowling as youth. At state I was refracted based on what I bowled locally to 124, average was 109. Bowled 570 and we went to Nationals in Kansas City. Repeated there to 138 based on state results. Started qualifying with a 237 and shot my first ever 600. We finished 2nd overall and lost by 12 in the finals.

  3. I know I wouldn’t mind waking up to that every day. Beautiful

  4. Doesn’t matter what the score is. Keep working and the score will just keep going up. As one spare and you shoot 150. Congrats on the new PR and keep going.

  5. Bowlersmart, Buddiesproshop, BowlerX are a few I have bought from.

  6. Almost all my bowling balls are drilled pin down. I like the smooth roll.

  7. And people wonder why USBC quit giving out rings.

  8. Seemed like they gave rings for anything at times. My dad received a ring for a 299 game in the past. Seems strange in the current day that 11 in a row would warrant a ring

  9. Yes, they finally stopped awarding being close. Now it’s just one lifetime 300, 800, & 900 (could be multiple, not sure).

  10. 3 times. 7-10 twice and big four once.

  11. Looks like my Monday night score. 231-267-189 blew an easy 700

  12. Transition just comes to quick in the 3rd game

  13. I’m a lefty, I’m blaming the shots.

  14. Best thing to remember is to not get frustrated.

  15. Golden and Green by The Builders and the Butcher

  16. Good luck. Great ball for most, I am not a fan of mine. May redrill it.

  17. Oof. Question. How did you like that layout on the uc3? Was thinking of going pin down myself but not sure

  18. Originally I thought it was too aggressive (couple rolls) but when I practiced with it a month ago (three games) it rolled nice and carries well. I have most of my stuff pin down. I like smooth roll versus skid/snap.

  19. I too am a fan of the smooth roll. I will be giving this ball another go pin down. Thanks my friend

  20. I have my Ghost, purple hammer, all my Webs and about 7 other balls drilled like this. My favorite drill pattern.

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