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  1. It’s pretty difficult on Xbox one because the joystick is just awful to aim with

  2. Used to steal grinders lighters when I was broke.

  3. The first 5 seasons of TWD are glorious though

  4. Give me your user. I can get you the many axe, end axe, alpha axe, give you 50k. Hope that will help.

  5. Alright im out smoking with friends rn but I’ll be on soon

  6. Started smoking lol. But i curbed the urges with smoking weed. So I’m still smoking

  7. Pizza stored in the door ... that's a bit weird

  8. That's not to bad I'd be happy with that 😂 the problem with that situation was it was our turn to do Christmas, and have everyone round (10+people) and we had to basically cancel cause of it.

  9. Yeah man shit sucks. At least you got 200 quid voucher out of it. Can buy many turkeys with that

  10. If you stand on the toilet and smoke into the ceiling vent you should be good

  11. Lmao I smoked it out the window and was all good. The wind blew it away from my house and I towelled the door crack just incase.

  12. I smoke heavily. But it stayed with the same texture and softness for maybe a week

  13. Would a ziplock help to extend that life?

  14. Yes! When I first started smoking and didn’t have any airtight jars I used to keep my weed in a little zip lock bag. That’s also how most my plugs “package” their weed. 😂

  15. Yeah I found a ziplock bag. How long will this stay fresh? Can’t bring my weed with me and I’m going on holiday in on the fourth for 5 days. Wanna know if it’ll be still be good for me to smoke on the 9th if I keep it in a ziplock baggy in a cool place

  16. I can only do today sorry and that will be it for a few days as I’m going on holiday on the third and tomorrow is last minute shopping and packing. I will be available all day today though

  17. I’ve got 4 I don’t wanna accidentally scam someone or myself

  18. You have to let him kick you in the face.

  19. He does that at least 4 times a day anyway when he’s sleeping in my bed and decides to kick his legs like he’s swimming

  20. The secondary guilt I feel from this post is making me so sad. I accidentally sat on my puppers paw once and even though he yelped I feel like it hurt me more than him. If he had started avoiding me it would've broken my heart but I did sortve give him a handful of whipped cream and immediately take him outside for some fetch. I'm sure your best bud will warm back up to you over time. I'd just make sure to move slower than usual around them and be a bit more overly affectionate when they did enter your space.

  21. Yeah my dog has foot problems stemming from an incident a few years ago and I feel so awful if I accidentally trod on them.

  22. The most deadly, but at the same time, they're also the safest plugs in the world.

  23. Certainly. They just hurt like motherfuckers

  24. It does. I’ve probably jinxed myself now.

  25. I wish you luck in not stepping on 3 prong plugs for the future

  26. I'm not 100% sure if Xbox supports this but try to play with Keyboard and mouse, it makes everything so much easier, also watch videos on how they work.

  27. Yeah it does support it. Just plug it in the back.

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