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  1. I don't think I'd like to entertain any of the other 38% as a dinner guest.

  2. Was it Greg? Can’t make a tomlette without cracking some Gregs I suppose

  3. This is my favourite line from all 4 series

  4. Well, what are the 'threatening or abusive' words against Sayed? Can't judge without all the evidence

  5. According to huffington post -

  6. Remedial opinion. What sort of work do you think he can meaningfully do on a train or in the back of a car? Tell me you've never had a proper job without telling me you've never had a proper job

  7. I’ve had quite a few “proper” jobs with major multi nationals.. I can assure you it’s quite possible to work in a car or a train. Have you tried using a computer to do work on before?

  8. you've never worked with confidential or sensitive information then, because that's the real issue. or would you prefer he cleared out an entire train carriage so he can work?

  9. I have, but the most basic training obviously teaches us not to have those materials visible in public.

  10. It’s intriguing that the article states that she’s a good mother, as all other evidence that we know about her tells us she is in fact not a good mother.

  11. We will all be better off if we help him move permanently to mars.

  12. “Fuck off” is also a suitable response

  13. This take has always amused me. Why would ITV want to try and prevent a similar situation arising in the future. They made millions from him over his career with them and now they are making millions from the controversy and drama. I agree that morally they should try to prevent a similar situation arising in the future, but since when did any media organisation work on morals

  14. I’m pretty sure ITV would like to avoid a future situation where one of their presenters might have been grooming young staff, medium to long term it’s bad for business.

  15. I don’t understand your comment?

  16. For food 2 people about £400-500 a month via Ocado and Tesco orders with a couple of trips to a Farmers market. We’re aware that we choose the higher end products and could bring this down to about £250 for the food if needed.

  17. Give the dog a gun too, then at least it would be a fair dual.

  18. Well...they bought fake cash just because it was labelled with "Trump" and tried to cash it and nowhere in that process did they even think about the shame it'd be to hand a bill with Trump's face to a banker fully expecting him to take it seriously. They can't and don't cognitively understand the feeling of embarrassment.

  19. Discovering this was the best thing that happened to me last week.

  20. I hope the leave voters enjoy laying in the bed they’ve made.

  21. I’ve sent you a DM with details of a key cutter who’s cut me one of these keys without the code before. Good luck.

  22. Are the other third brain dead or in coma’s?

  23. You'd have to prove intent for that, which pretty clearly isn't there.

  24. The police seem to be doing what they want with how the law is in forced these days. Perhaps they could actually do the public a favour and wangle these charges up to terror charges as zan1101 suggests

  25. The article describes him as a minor celebrity. I don’t want to live in a world where that statement is correct.

  26. Bobo reminds me of the girl at school who you assumed would end up hooker on heroin and murdered by her pimp.

  27. Uh, no it’s not depressing in the slightest because what grown adults get up to is none of our business.

  28. It is the publics business when one adult potentially groomed a child.

  29. Potentially. I’m assuming you spoke out when Caroline Flack groomed Harry Styles then?

  30. What’s gone wrong with the education in the UK that a response like yours isn’t surprising?. Why the deflection?

  31. Sounds believable to me, just one of your everyday infinite wealth glitches.

  32. I hope he has to attend a ceremony marking the fact he’s not king of Jamaica anymore.

  33. One of Boris’ sole redeeming qualities was his approach to Ukraine hopefully he can get trump to not be such a twat with regards to the war

  34. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have given much interest to Ukraine if it wasn’t a fantastic distraction from all his scandals.

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