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  1. Honestly, given the current state of the world and the culture, I'm kind of rooting for Skynet. I don't think ChatGPT is going to become Skynet. But it is a step in the eventual development of a Skynet system.

  2. Interesting take on Salvation. I've read a lot of different takes and reactions on it, from god awful to underrated. This AI seemed to have a pretty balanced take, which is kind of refreshing.

  3. If you're a Terminator fan and you haven't checked out Sector War, I highly recommend that you do so. It's one of the best pure Terminator stories I've seen in recent years. 😊

  4. Another nice crop of candidates. Personally, I'm torn between voting for Frenzy and Dazzler. On one hand, Dazzler really proved herself as a leader in X-Terminators. And she's been part of major X-Men teams before.

  5. ...explaining that while it was regrettable that officers were mercilessly slaughtering innocents in the streets with complete disregard for their humanity, it was no excuse for causing a big commotion.

  6. Already seen two pieces on getting Brady, not even kidding.

  7. I have a feeling there will be many more between now and the start of free agency.

  8. I remember having to use these fancy calculators back in high school. The idea of them being forever preserved in the internet archive gives me mixed feelings.

  9. My gut tells me Allen will struggle more. Not just because of his cap hit, but because the Bills have less overall depth at receiver behind Diggs and Davis. I think they really have to roll the dice in the draft this year to get some more weapons. They need to hit on a Justin Jefferson type receiver to give them the depth and offense they need to keep up in the AFC. Right now, they're still behind the Chiefs and Bengals.

  10. I think this is very telling. It implies the being a backup to Carson Wentz offers an important education in what NOT to do as a starting quarterback. 😊

  11. Honestly, I hope this movie does leak. It really isn't fair what happened to the cast and crew with this movie.

  12. In this context, Ant Man is the perfect character to introduce Kang. 😊

  13. I hope Dazzler is a candidate. She really proved herself in X-Terminators and I would love to see her get a larger role. 😊

  14. I'm genuinely nervous about what's coming with Fall of X. I've really enjoyed the Krakoa era. I think it has been genuinely good for the X-Men, both the comics and the franchise as a whole. It shows them taking a step forward as heroes and as mutants. And I really hope this doesn't result in them basically reverting back to how they were pre-House of X. That kind of regression is what keeps the Spider-Man comics in a state of stagnation. I'd rather not see that with X-Men.

  15. Famke might have been the first Jean. But personally, I think Sophie Turner's take was underrated. She actually got to do more in the movies she was in aside from giving Wolverine someone to lust after. That scene where she took Apocalypse down with some Phoenix flare still ranks among the best moments I've ever seen in an X-Men movie. 😊

  16. If AI was ever going to succeed as a product and as a technology, it needed a killer app of sorts. That's what made the iPhone successful. Well, is it too early to say that ChatGPT is that killer app AI has been waiting for? I know it's still early. But growth like this is not a trivial matter.

  17. It's going to get dark before Fall of X. That much is certain. But I love the idea of Apocalypse returning to be part of it. X Of Swords really took him in a new direction in the best possible way. And given what Sinister has done, I think the time is right for Apocalypse to return and leave his mark, as only he can. 😊

  18. I remember watching this show when I was a kid. Would always dance with the intro. I'd dance badly, but didn't care.

  19. Tier Zoo doesn't post very regularly. But when he does, it's usually a great watch. This definitely qualifies. 😊

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