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  1. I still have my 1000 page guide to installing and using Red Hat in 1999... That shit was like a Phd in of itself to learn.

  2. Arhive that copy! It will have a worth like Superman from 1934.

  3. I prayed and made questions but never heard any answer. And there are controversies in the Bible too.

  4. 7 cm diameter is my upper limit now, but I would like to try this once.

  5. It depend on where. Here it is 14 for people above 18, and 12 for people under 18.

  6. I lost my virginity in high school. If I went back in time with my 34 year old consciousness I don't think I could do it again. Sure I think back and think man 15 year old me really got lucky. But uh... I probably wouldn't relose my virginity until I was 18

  7. Good for you. I was 38. Even if I did not loose virginity before 18 in this case, I could establish to loose it before 20.

  8. Try to forget this term! If this is the Middle East, then what is the Near East? Romania and Hungary with Sicily or what? This is the Near East.

  9. "Middle East" mostly replaced "Near East" in English. Near east was mostly synonymous with the Ottoman Empire; when it was disbanded after WWI, middle east began being used instead.

  10. Again: This is a wrong term. Half of that map is the former Ottoman Empire.

  11. Thanks for your answer. I can run the compiler form command line.

  12. Command line is O.K., so the problem is 90% solved. These error messages are beyond my expertise. You should ask the Debian community.

  13. Az ársapka még sosem okozott az áruhiányon kívül mást. Márpedig a Római Birodalomban is sokszor és azóta is sokszor ki lett próbálva. De akkor meg minek erőltetni?

  14. Ez így nem igaz, egyszerűen csak itt nálunk okoz ez ilyen problémát. Izraelben több alapvető élelmiszernek fixált ára van amit néha felülvizsgálnak. Nincs termék hiány.

  15. Pontosítanom kell. Ha az ársapka eléri az önköltséget, akkor elkerülhetetlenül áruhiányhoz vezet.

  16. As for (0,1] Both 4 - 2x and x^2 + 1 are valid. If (1,2) then only 4-2x is valid

  17. Bruce Lee Elementary can be the hidden name of Bruise Lee Mentory, where kids can gain black belt in bullying.

  18. Is a child predator a child preying or someone preying on a child?

  19. Such serieses are used to represent the evolution of severe mental disorders, mostly schisofrenia.

  20. The other domme was very kind and said if I didn't want to be "ridden" by her sub then she would respect that. She had some other ideas though. She suggested a contest whereby each sub masturbates and then whoever ejaculates first gets to have the other sub finish them off orally to clean them up.

  21. If you have the guts, do it! I think I would not dare, but the idea is tempting. My concerns would be 1. If my girlfriend would like to have PIV sex with the other sissy ever. 2. HIV.

  22. Definitely require recent STD tests with new partners. Even with that, condoms should be available.

  23. If you two men can satisfy two ladies it is good. If you can satisfy in addition even each other it is excellent. I do not feel any motivation to do this nor have the courage or partners to do so, but I find the idea exciting. I hope you four succeed. If so it worth to post sharing the lessons.

  24. 42 éves vagyok, nem szűz, de nem sok tapasztalattal. Nem hajtok 24 alatti csajokra. Mivel azonban teljesen kimaradt az a korosztály, ha egy 16 éves, testileg érett csaj valamiért tapadna, nem hajtanám el, hogy megtapasztaljam az érzést, noha tudom, hogy életkori-személyiségi különbségek miatt veszett fejsze a tartós kapcsolat ép elmével.

  25. Csak az szamit h testileg legyen erett..? Persze ugyanaz az elmeny lenne mintha te is 16 lennel lol... latszik is milyen jellegu faszik mennek ilyenbe bele 40 folott...

  26. Csak az számít, hogy testileg legyen érett. LOL. Mert agyilag nem is tud a koránál fogva. LOL. Ha értelmezted volna a válaszomat, LOL akkor ez lejött volna neked. LOL Nyilván nem ugyanaz az élmény. LOL. Olyanok, akiknek a pszichoszexuális fejlődése valahol elakadt sajnos. És mielőtt azzal jönnél, hogy menjek pszichológushoz: Jártam 7 évig, és amit lehetett megoldottunk.

  27. I worked with some British gents for a bit, and they would occasionally use the term “cunt” during our non-formal work calls (during COVID, virtual happy hour, etc.). We had to explain that it is a pretty vile word in the US.

  28. If in cage: Licking and fingering until 2 or 3 orgasms, then double penetrate with 2 strap-ons on your choice from behind with additional clitoris massage or in front of with clitoris vibrator.

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