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  1. Renate (old fashioned german name) and it was a very easily frigthened small mixed puppy

  2. They wont teach you this in classes, so look it up Hamilton was wearing his glasses

  3. I just noticed her breast armour having unnecessary and impractical boob shape. ... i guess that is Rheas famous love for fashion.

  4. After recently rewatching got it was striking how much he just hated the Starks. a big yes. Everything to be on top of the Stark-Tully family.

  5. Scrolling through alternate decisions and lifepaths or reincarnation into a person i can choose.

  6. Having the carrier on the back, he reminds me of the grandpa from the Heidi cartoon

  7. The percentage of famous people being younger than you earning a shit torn of money.

  8. I visited a really good boarding school, which i loved. But even at good boarding schools some kids in some situations wont have a house mother, which believes them immediatly/ thinks they are dramatising it. They do not know you since you are born and therefore misjudge the situation. I remember a group of girls needing 1,5 days to convince our house mother, that a 15 years old girls arm was broken (you could not really see it). I myself destroyed my knee on a school skiing trip (whole school) and my kneecap did not have support, therefore if i put weight on it i would just collaps. It was towards the end of the trip (a couple of kids already had accidents) and they thought 13 year old me wanted to be important. I did not get any pain medicine and sobbed silently the whole 18h back to boarding school. They were usually good when it came to viruses or infections.

  9. Question: i have a conch piercing and never noticed a significant decline in locating sound. But I have no idea how good i was before or how i should test it. Does a normal conch piercing decrease my ability signitficantly?

  10. Pleasure of being an adult and living on your own. Pee with the door open and have desert for breakfast

  11. I sometimes get annoyed with nazis being revealed at the end of the movies as suprise villains. At some point i always start thinking:"oh no, it could be nazis" "damn seems really likely" "please dont" (but that is also from a film lover position. Most of the time you have american heroes or british heroes. I was really amused by the CIA talking trash about the MI6 in " The spy", because it is ofcourse not only against germans. And i found T-34 amusing for it being one of the rare high quality russian heroic movies with german dubb and actors) I ďid not know Red skull before captain america and was annoyed why it had to be nazis in a superhero movie, but I completely understand that it is based on the older comics.

  12. Haven't watched it growing up and don't know any friends, that watched it growing up. I did however at some point make the effort to see it, after I watched a parody.

  13. To quote my grandpa "while patrolling i had to rules. 1. Never be the person to walk ahead. 2. Look away if you see someone running." Afterwards he casually told me he got a warning including high ranking officers telling him the number of the tree they would choose for him, if he let someoneelse escape.

  14. I moved into another country and all my friends moved all over the place. Bur i still have friends i call close friends and periodic close friends. For my former school and college friends we mostly do not write or talk weekly or sometimes not even for months. But! We make the effort to write letters or cards on holidays and birthdays and try to meet up every two years or every year (depending on the friend and situation). Sometimes i forget to send christmas cards, sometimes someone forgets to answer a chat message, but that is no reason to stop all contact. Most people are happy to restart the contact, you just need someone to take the first step. Sometimes people are hard to get because of a new job or they started a family. I can tell you there will be a time (maybe 10years later) that they suddenly have more time for the friendship. Be open, check in from time to time and do not get salty if they are busy. Friendships like Relationships need effort. And if you do not know anyone in town, try out teamssports, social game clubs or help out with others socially (firebrigade, shelters...). You can always meet new people. But again, if they only meet in the social setting, try beeing the one to reach out and organize meet ups outside of that setting.

  15. Putting VHS in the player and cassettes rewinding automatically after reaching the end.

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