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  1. Yeah I’m not necessarily against sexy outfits, what I dislike is when the women are wearing silly skimpy outfits and high heels that would be impractical for fighting, especially when they’re fighting alongside men dressed head to toe in gear that looks functional.

  2. I’m just tired of seeing women in action comics dressed in impractical shit like this that’s supposed to be sexy but just looks stupid

  3. I think you did the right thing. As men we have a duty to defend whats your case it was your flat and your gf and if she thinks your in the wrong then you deserve better. When human enter flight or fight mode we tend to forget things that may happen especially if you were angered and in your defense you had every right to be. Talk to her and remind her you’ve never even once done something to her and that what you did was in order to protect her

  4. Martial peak is fire. If you like martial peak then you are going to love “apotheosis”

  5. Same with yang kai some of his wives are thousands of years old

  6. Does anyone know if he marries reina in the novels

  7. If you're looking for english translation it's not translated, neither official or fan-translation

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