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  1. I don't get how it's more expensive on PC than console by a fair bit. opposite of what it has been before.

  2. Jauz b2b NGHTMRE ended up being one of my fav sets last year so I’m gonna keep an open mind for this one with Svdden Death

  3. I saw the exact same combo at Parookaville this year, expected more bass house than it was, was 90% dubstep.

  4. I don't know what I just watched but it was glorious!

  5. I mean, this managing stuff is his hobby so. Can't let him get distracted from the boat selling!

  6. I don't know, work 8hrs a day and have 4-5 weeks of vacation?

  7. But that doesn’t change the hourly rate. They pay you 25 an hour. If you work or take PTO or a sick day it’s still 25 an hour. Unless you don’t get paid vacation/sick pay I guess then your hourly would technically be adjusted but pretty sure a full time job requires vacation pay legally.

  8. If you earn 25 per hour for 2080 hours, and then work 1800 hours with the same yearly pay, of course your hourly rate goes up. Workers with a proper vacation will be happier and more productive than those who slave every day with no proper break.

  9. People ask me why I don't like cats. This is one correct answer to that question 😂

  10. Got Infinity by Sefa/DBSTF with 63 times 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. Stray dogs are like cats, they can get their own food, some likes cuddles, some don't, some are scared, some love contact.

  12. my favorite pokemon is the Gastly

  13. Most arbitrary scale of them all. Freezing is 32 and boiling what, 212? At least inch (in Norway we call an inch "tomme", which is from "tommel", thumb) and foot (well, duh) makes sense. Like 0 for freezing and 100 for boiling water makes sense.

  14. Older Vietnamese to older Americans: Didn't I see you around these parts before way back?

  15. Ich hab nen Puff, und meine Puffmama heißt Layla, sie ist schöner, jünger, geiler, LALALALALALAYLAAAA.

  16. Worst song in the history of Germankind. Unfortunately I'm in the minority

  17. Funny enough, it was on my wrapped 🤣 got hooked on it for a while. But I mean, people had a flash-mob party at 4am at the camping toilets so, how can you not get hooked on crazy Germans partying 🤩🤣

  18. What was wrong with him at mysteryland? Or is it just me that just filters him out or doesnt care about Him talking here and there

  19. I didn't mind him at Mysteryland either! He's saying some shit I'm not paying too much attention to, but the tone of his voice alone hypes up people so, good vibes all around. I did mind the two hardstyle then Dutch ballad endshow tho, that was shite compared to 2019 and mainstage.

  20. Next he starts smoking, moves to Williams, becomes world champion, makes a kid who eventually becomes a Monaco based YouTuber, refuses to elaborate

  21. The son who beat the then current world champion in equal machinery. Question.

  22. Dynamic Display is Sony's version of Material You. It changes your icon colours to the predominant colour on your wallpaper.

  23. Indeed pal. I'd say us MK3 users won't see A13 until mid to late Spring 🙁

  24. Think I got A12 in January 2022, might be lucky this time as well 🙏🏻

  25. I got Google Sheets sheets with formulas like that🤣

  26. Mechanic here. Pins love to go where they are not supposed to. A lot of times, a pin will get stuck in the accelerator. The accelerator is a long belt that gives the balls a speed boost before sending them underground. If a pin gets stuck just right, a ball can get stuck under the accelerator belt, and it basically acts like a belt sander at that point.

  27. I'm not sure those marks are from a GS though. Could be an A(2) or 82-xx, different systems but they lift balls up

  28. ?? I work on A2s and they have accelerometers

  29. I thought you said the accelerator belt was underground, I misunderstood, sorry

  30. On today's episode of how's fucked up is fucked up. That's fucked up

  31. So used to seeing Dom Dolla with a baseball cap and sunglasses, didn't recognise him at first 😅

  32. Free-range rich people, fed only on the purest Colombian cocaine

  33. Yup, I have no idea what they're on about 🤣

  34. Once we were on vacation. Me and my cousin acting a fool in a resturant. My grandmother looks over at the table next to us and says" why cant you behave like that kid." The kid was sitting quietly. Exactly at that moment the kid randomly smashed his face into the table. Just headbutts right where his dinner plate should be. We instantly both lost our collective minds. Kids man....

  35. Super Mario kid smashing head video comes to mind. Just search for that on YouTube if you don't know.

  36. Why is everyone so hyped about him? I personally don't like his style that much. Its fine for me but nothing special. I understand most hypes, like Sickmode and Rooler, Rebelion, Vertile etc. But this one not. It also looks like he is only a hype here on Reddit, compared to the hardstyle top 40 or Spotify or am I totally wrong?

  37. Didn't know there was so much hype here. I do absolutely love Exhale, RUIN and Sins (Of my life) though. He's been killing it this year IMO

  38. Quite possibly the dumbest comment I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading on Reddit.

  39. Well, seeing as the US seems to have the highest number of PTSD sufferers and prisoners per capita in the developed world...

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