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  1. You gotta stop by Spec’s on Central Expressway of Allen, and Spec’s on Hulen of Fort Worth. They are Scotch wonderlands I heard. Bring your cash…

  2. This is 75 bucks compares the regular 13 of $50 around my area, will try before buying a bottle for sure. Thanks for the review!

  3. The real question is, how much this has increased the return customer visits for this McDonald’s for that 2.5 years? Give a little but build a steady customer foundation for ages to come!

  4. That Scotch must seasoned in a Kikkoman Soybean sauce barrel for some time!

  5. Nice! where in Houston were you able to find the latest releases?

  6. Katy Spec’s has plenty on Thursday afternoon

  7. I am yellow, so… I am Medium Rare?

  8. my undrstanding is texas costcos are not allowed to sell alcohol. is that not correct?

  9. Texas laws prohibits public trading company to sell alcohol in Texas. So, Costcos are contracting their space out to other local liquor stores to sell Spirits.

  10. Different Spec’s will have different hard to find items. You just need to know which ones to hit for what you looking for.

  11. Got it. Thank you. I assume then that there are no safe areas where you can buy a 3 BR for under 250,000 lol

  12. Rosenberg is safe, and can easily get a 3BR for $250000

  13. It’s not a bad area, but just lots of break into houses.

  14. How do you know what happened given that you came on the spot after the event? The Chinese government told you that's what happened. Well, woop de do

  15. Right, why am I telling this now? Maybe because the Chinese government paid me to do this. That’s the only logic. You denied this is the same as no one ststormed the capital hill on January 6th. I am not here to for anything, just to tell what I saw. Nothing more than. I don’t get pay by anyone for doing this.

  16. They wouldn't have to pay you. We all know what happens to Chinese folk who aren't good little citizens. They get used for spare parts.

  17. You should write a book about it. If it’s true….

  18. One Day, one day I will save up to own a bottle like this, next decade or so…

  19. Interesting, not your favorite but you bought two.

  20. It’s an ok bourbon and tastes watery, Buffalo Trace is more interesting and has better depth. But for its 22 bucks, it’s fine but not something I will keep reaching to daily. I will definitely happy to pay a few more to have Eagle Trace as a daily drinker… if I can find Eagle Trace all the time….. that’s another conversation.

  21. I agree 100%, the juice is worth 55 bucks to me, maybe 5-10 bucks for the bottle itself. Would not pay more than 65 for it ever again. 65 bucks has a long list of other better choices, and this one is mix of grain and malt.

  22. Buy 6, Spec will drop it to 76 for each, lower than Costcos in CA.

  23. I like this one way better than Habiki. The extra ABV making this one tastes thicker, creamier and more flavors, and a longer finish.

  24. I think those are California price.

  25. All purchased in Japan during the pandemic days when the tourists and businessmen from China and Korea weren't draining the volume. Prices really dropped.

  26. I am jealous of the budget that you have for your collection.

  27. Excellent pick ups! Ive been wanting Octomores for a while, just cant find them in my state system, and never had the guts to try over seas shipping. Soon though...very soon

  28. Just checked last, it’s kind of widely available in Texas, if you close by…

  29. I struggle to crack into the “top level” bottles I buy. Easy to drink once I do, but that first pour is always the hardest because I feel like I need to wait for a really special occasion. Right now the bottle of black art I bought a month ago is staring at me unopened in my collection. My advice is to be a better man than me and try it!

  30. Black Art is on my list, but money….

  31. Well, the problem for part of that, they only allow us to deposit $100 into the account each week the max, and we only allow to split that $100 into the 4 kids of ours, every week we make deposit, and they would be charge a $3 fee. When your kids eating breakfast and lunch plus a little snack, that money is out after Wednesday/ Thursday. It didn’t help when the staffs at the cafeteria remind my kids they don’t have money to eat….

  32. I heard that Spec’s of Bryant and Spec’s of Hulen are whisky wonderlands!

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