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  1. You're confusing a frail Victorian child with someone from the Great Depression.

  2. Blitzø and Moxxie met in jail, so there's definitely authority figures akin to cops somewhat.

  3. You and I have two different motivations and yours is equally hilarious and horrifying

  4. Okay I don't really know how I feel about this ship but Goofy is a lucky man with how Stolas be cocking that hip and showing off those goods bruh

  5. Why Katie hating on Tom Trench, I wanna nail her hot spot too man

  6. Isn't this the same person who has an au where alastor is a pimp and has tits?

  7. It's been a MINUTE since I've seen these clusterfuck bootleggy bois

  8. I've been taught to think being selfish is pretty much all around a bad feeling most of my life.

  9. I'm learning to unlearn that mentality as a Christian myself, not only to improve my faith but to be happier in general. It's a slow process...I tend to put other's happiness over myself.

  10. Friendly reminder that Niffty is of age and safe to simp for because WOW

  11. Imagining Little Vaggie nom-ing on silk sent me into aww overload ngl

  12. Starbucks Al is fucking perfect. Serves those TikTokers right.

  13. This stopped being funny since the gamer vs furry tiktok war

  14. I created it on a whim, you're the second person to say they love it XD

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