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  1. Yeah we need some pictures, else we can't give you any advice ^

  2. They ignore the speed limit like you ignore me while gaming 😘

  3. Yes. Due to the +10 rule the speed limit is open to interpretation. Until you are caught, of course.

  4. Haha oke, felt weird when I arrived in Croatia. But I understand now! 😁

  5. I love my family and I love you so much and I love you so much and I love you so much and I love you so much and I love you so much and I love you so much and I love you so much and I love you so much

  6. My piston broke on my mr2 :( Have to wait for a month to get it fixed. Can't wait to get it back also!!

  7. What mirrors are these? And where did you get them? Also keep them black 😁

  8. Ohh we hebben bijna zelfde nummerbord L-522-TX (jdm 1992 Turbo . Mooie mr2 geniet ervan 😁

  9. I'm interested in this hardtop 1991 mr2 turbo and was just wondering if it was worth it. Asking price 11k. Clean title and rebuilt engine with about 10k miles on it. Info coming from a friend of a friend of my father so I haven't had the chance to see it in person to diagnose any issues it may have. Just wanted some opinions on whether or not the price is reasonable given the condition and current market. Sorry about picture quality.

  10. Hardtop are hard to come by. And if it is a original turbo then the price is fair. How many miles are on the chassis?

  11. As much as I appreciate people bringing this to Amazons attention, but OP you might wanna think twice before contacting AGS support directly and mentioning you're playing from an unsupported country/region.

  12. You are right. I dont think AGS really cares where you play from. The Netherlands made the decision to ban gambling games. So i think it doesnt really matter if AGS knows. Nevertheless i hope the region swap will come shortly :)

  13. I got it from Campos, but be prepared for a wait.

  14. 15000 euro is wel een hoge vraagprijs :)

  15. Mine was a clogged fuel filter and my fuel feed line would collapse in on itself due to pressure (previous owner used wrong type line). I had same symptoms it pulled hard to 4k then fell flat

  16. I would say a toyota mr2 sw20! Love this car and it is mid engined and rearwheel drive so very fun to drive around as well.

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