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AEW Dynamite last night on TBS (8-10pm): 870,000 viewers P18-49 rating: 0.26

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  1. Should have went for it. It's still a 2 possession game, why not take a shot to make it a 1 possession game?

  2. This whole “Does Alabama deserve to be in?” shit is so annoying. If it was any other team, then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

  3. Tennessee has 2 losses and beat Bama, but we're talking about Bama.

  4. "There's only two things I hate in this world: people who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch."

  5. They're gonna load the fuck out of hour 1 to try to keep as many people from changing over to USA vs Netherlands as possible.

  6. Screw it, give it to Alvin Mack or Darnell Jefferson.

  7. Got-dang, Ohio State's gonna get to the CFP after getting their asses beat in their last game, and not even making their CCG.

  8. Trout, Ohtani, and deGrom in the same division is gonna be ridiculous for collections. Better be one amazing AL West reward.

  9. SDS: "We're proud to introduce a new legend who won Rookie of the Year with the Oakland Athletics. Be ready for Awards Bobby Crosby."

  10. Jurassic Express were a trio, but that ended.

  11. Waller is 32, so that’s why he’s not on this list. But I agree with you.

  12. I refuse to believe he's 32, he's gotta be 25. Dude's lying about his age.

  13. Shade, get your ass back to Blue Valley along with Green Lantern's kids whom you might have adopted.

  14. ESPN: "Replay the World Series with Bama in, they'd go undefeated against the NL."

  15. Let's not pretend like we all don't do spin moves and swim moves on random old people in the grocery store while speed shopping. Like this is incredibly common.

  16. I did my best impersonation of Barry Sanders one Christmas Eve because I had to go to Wal Mart to get Tide.

  17. NFL: "Hey, Denver, how much would it cost to fire your coach? We'll cover the cost, just don't make us move Mahomes out of prime time ever again."

  18. This asshole believes the government should not offer any assistance to anyone because “something something free Market something something the benevolence of the wealthy” but he has government employees working at his house.

  19. No, you don't understand, government shouldn't help other people, he's not other people. It's like how when Craig T Nelson was on welfare and food stamps, nobody helped him out.

  20. Half of Rattler's touchdown passes have been in the last 2 games. Rattler has not had a good season outside of the last 2 games. Gabriel's had the better season than Rattler.

  21. I didn't realize how big the gap was between college and nfl. Less than half of the cowboys thanksgiving game.

  22. The NFL could advertise that the Broncos practice squad will face the Texans practice squad, and it would still outdraw every other sport.

  23. 20 million people in the US tuned into the world cup between USA-England. I was wondering what would get more viewers. Damn, almost.

  24. Paging John Oliver to make this his web exclusive followup to him breaking down Air Bud.

  25. “Clear eyes full hearts” fuck that shit you’re in Denver buddy nobodies eyes are clear

  26. Ben Gamel has gotten way too many XBHs against me.

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