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  1. I posted a screenshot of the ban. Please do this entire subreddit a favor and leave.

  2. I believe he is talking about how the photo of what got you banned doesn't look like a screenshot, and instead looks like it was taken by a phone camera

  3. Seems the page tried to convert it to markdown, I might be wrong

  4. I remember them removing vc in that game for a while due to a VC bug that banned people, that may be what happened.

  5. These appear to be updated packs Sneaky=ninja Patrol=cartoon (robot maybe)

  6. Playing with low level players isn't that bad, I once landed with a level 5 in duo, I taught him about proper strategy, and he listened, he was nice

  7. 3 hours back in chapter 1, season 8 If I remember correct, all of that time was spent on the endgame ltm

  8. Bit late to this, uhhh, I was being sarcastic, sorry for all the misunderstanding

  9. The black ice king backbling should work, but an edit style would work better

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