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  1. Easiest way to do this would realistically be via submitting responses over the API. The most “Airtable-ish” way I can think of would be to have x number of forms, each with different questions, then to randomise a link redirect to one of any of those. Less code that way!

  2. I’ve tested it as a contingency platform before in case Airtable goes bust for whatever reason, and it works perfectly as a replacement. Haven’t tried any additional functionality though. It’s aimed at slightly more technically-inclined audiences but I’m sure a beginner wouldn’t run into too many hurdles.

  3. I appreciate this comment - I've had random fears of something with Airtable going bust and needing a new tool. This is awesome and refreshing to hear! Do you use it for anything with large datasets or as backups to Airtable data/things that would exceed AT's record limit?

  4. If you start with a mongo instance and import your existing Airtable data you can effectively re-create your entire Airtable setup and continue as if nothing happened - self-hosted DB means unlimited records too!

  5. Thanks, I don't need to manipulate the dates, just find the last record in a given month and pull the title from the row

  6. Sorry I skipped a step - you'll need to filter through all of your records for the relevant date criteria, hence manipulating those Airtable date strings into objects. Hope that makes more sense!

  7. Ah ok thanks! Do you know how (or where to look to find out) about grabbing the row data from an airtable? I'm still learning how to script in this platform

  8. why? sell off your stake and do something more meaningful

  9. For a complicated series of reasons I can’t sell my stake for a couple of years yet - all-round have no idea what I should go and do, but I hear management consultancy is quite common for ex-startup founders. My big thing is wanting to help lots of other businesses on a project basis, with colleagues who know lots more than me - unsure if there’s a more meaningful way to do that via another route?

  10. Sounds great! I’ll see if I can give that a whirl - thanks for the pointer!

  11. Like others are saying, Apple-refurbished M1 Pro MBP all the way. Awesome laptops, and ofc you can get Xcode on a Mac!

  12. I went for a 40-inch 5k2k LG panel in the end after this exact debate. Wanted ultrawide over anything else, and I definitely wouldn’t go back!

  13. Check your Screen Time tab under settings, you might have a safari page or two showing 24hr screen time. If that is the case here, clear history and website data, reboot and it should be fixed.

  14. I had a look and I have seen the safari thing before but this wasn’t it. It’s straight up saying stuff like this:

  15. Who knows ¯_(ツ)_/¯ - it’s not like I use screen time anyway, I just found the notification funny!

  16. Looks amazing! May I have the privilege to try it out?

  17. Hi, sorry I didn't notice the dm from you. And I also found out that I can't dm you now. Mind if I can you the email again?

  18. Hiya! Reddit suspended me for sending so many outbound DM requests to people who asked for licences in the comments - I can automatically have the system send you a key via:

  19. Sounds fantastic! If you drop your email here I've set up a system to send your key automatically:

  20. What are you trying to do that Zapier’s webhooks trigger won’t give you?

  21. Webhooks and scripts are your friend here. That said, 50+ is a bit of a faff unless they have similar data outputs.

  22. I’m picturing a really confused dude standing in the hallway with his luggage

  23. Yeah the poor guy had to pack up and wander into the hall with no idea where he was going, me having apparently taken over his room 😂

  24. Similar! I’ve been in some really cruddy Best Westerns before but sometimes they’re reasonable. I’ll name and shame once I’m out of there :)

  25. What would you say makes a template a proper Figma template for iOS?

  26. Unfortunately Apple only make official ones for Adobe XD and Sketch, but there’s loads of unofficial Figma ones available - e.g.

  27. Presuming they’re developing for iOS if they’re asking for pt, as long as you use proper Figma templates for iOS you shouldn’t have to worry about translating between px and pt since they should come out the same. At worst you can always pump it through Zeplin but I’d call that overkill. I’ve found that it’s often units like em and rem that are difficult to translate across from design software. Hope this helps!

  28. Thanks! That was really helpful. Any good agency or any to avoid?

  29. Depends where in the world you are! Every place has its quirks. There’s tens of thousands of software agencies out there, 99% of which need designers!

  30. One common way I see (long-term) for getting good freelance jobs is to start working for an agency (software, design, ad or otherwise), network while there and show yourself to be a top-notch designer, then as connections move on, they’ll quickly start to use you down the line.

  31. As everybody’s saying, these are kinda the same component, but for naming types of components within a design system you can’t really go wrong with

  32. If it’s a static animation outside of the UI components, Lottie all the way. Otherwise the best you can do is provide a demo visual and keyframe notes imho.

  33. There’s some Anker and Belkin versions of this which have a bit more capacity - all-round love having MagSafe battery packs though!

  34. Nope. I even tried suggesting to them that they should consider a special type of account for people who bring in new users/companies so we can help them configure their bases without being charged for our accounts and they weren’t interested in that either.

  35. Sad times - thanks for the heads up though! It’s a shame they won’t consider things like that, but hey ho I guess!

  36. I'd definitely say so. They'll probably restock later in the fall.

  37. A couple of reasons from my experience: 1) scalability 2) flexibility.

  38. Totally agree on the scaling point. I guess since this was meant to be used on smaller MVPs one would expect a certain scale ceiling anyway. That said, we’ve pumped hundreds of thousands of operations through these no-code features now without issue. On the flexibility part, because of the scripts and API access this combo works really well for flexibility. I’ve not yet actually had an instance where somebody’s asked “can we add/change this” to one of these MVPs and I’ve had to say no to them.

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