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  1. Ehh. It's bad. I was there before the pandemic and I came back last year and it's like a weird alternate universe. Big Siren Sister is watching us and we're pressed to meet impossibly low DT times while at the same time creating excellent customer connections while we don't actually have enough labor hours to schedule enough partners to run breaks on time, let alone do all of those other things.

  2. Wasn't there a drink that combined the tumeric powder with the pineapple ginger syrup? That was so bad. But I'm also generally against that super strong ginger flavor unless it's for a savory dish, so that might just be me.

  3. Oh I actually really liked the ginger syrup and was bummed when it went away! Fuck turmeric though.

  4. It’s not a testing location, Starbucks has made it clear that the olive oil won’t see the light of day outside of South California within the US.

  5. If this is true, thank goodness.

  6. i work in a kiosk where everything including the espresso machines break constantly 😭 the amount of work orders we have to put in is ridiculous

  7. My store is on the brink of collapse too. My SM was telling us the other day that her laptop died, and when she called to see about getting someone to fix it, they were like "oh is this store ####? We'll just send you a new one." 😅

  8. Oop. It was working fine for me last night when I went to check. Is it working for you yet?

  9. whaaaat okay, what state are you in? I'm curious if that has an effect, but I will try again today and see if there's any change

  10. I'm pretty sure you can't use a gift card in the app to buy another gift card, but using an actual, tangible, physical gift card should be fine.

  11. The biggest inconsistency ive noticed happens as soon as more than 3 shots are needed. The glass shot glasses we use for moving shots around only hold 3 so the instinct that happens is to pour those 3 shots into the shaker with ice, WAIT and then add the other shots on top. This causes more ice to melt and doesnt get the right consistency. use a short or tall cup to fit all the shots together before pouring over ice

  12. My store only had one shot glass for a while. I got used to pulling shots right into the cup, then pouring them into the shaker, then back into the same cup after shaking.

  13. i didn't need a doctor's note but this was a while ago (2018ish) so i'm not sure if the rules have changed abt needing proof. i was a barista at the time! i've used it on and off since and even fractured my wrist since and i've honestly have never run into any problems from dms or anything saying i need proof of accommodation, but again, idk if rules have changed since then. i'm also in canada, so if i needed to see the doctor i could do so for free. :/ i'm sorry for your situation.

  14. FWIW, I got a doctor's note stating that I was limited to an hour at a time on DT window, and Starbucks decided that they were only going to honor that for a month. 🙃 That was at the beginning of this year.

  15. Not when it's so wildly inconsistent. Goes from 9AP to 8 or 7 and then back to 9? I don't trust it.

  16. It isn't inconsistent, it's based on a simple formula, if you check how much XM is missing from a resonator, you can check how much AP you'll get.

  17. Cool, then perhaps they should add some way to check how much XM is missing from individual resonators.

  18. From what I remember, you are supposed to start the shots (4 for a venti), then while those are pouring you put a full venti scoop of ice in the shaker, pump your syrup, then add the shots on top and shake it up. Pour that into the cup and add a splash of 2% on top.

  19. Syrup in the shaker first, then the ice. But for a venti you need to add a little more ice beyond the venti line on the shaker because four shots of hot espresso are gonna melt some of it on contact and then the cup won't be full enough after shaking.

  20. So I have a pet beetle now and i thought it would be cute to put him in an empty Starbucks cup and take one of these pictures. But where can I get/how do I make a label like this? I want it to look official.

  21. Go into the store to do it. That way you can actually show the picture to a barista in case they're not from around here.

  22. Ok thanks! I'm not looking to profit either, just wamting to take a cute picture.

  23. No worries. That was a reference to a cartoon from the late 90s. LMAO I'm old 😅

  24. Than don't. If I ask someone how there day is going and they have an emotional time, I'll right now recover the shit out of that. And if I was challenged I would say "I was making the moment right, and nurturing the human spirit with one cup at a time" and Starbucks wouldn't say shit.

  25. Ugh yes. Sometimes that's the kind of connection the moment needs. Too bad only shifts and SMs are gonna be able to do the Right Now Recovery thing now.

  26. They actually recognize partners. And don't send them the survey. You need a separate email for that.

  27. I'm a partner and I've received surveys. I got one for my own store a few months ago (and of course I gave us a 7 and said that the baristas always try their hardest even though the store is always super busy).

  28. I haven’t even gotten any pins…

  29. I got a pin for my first first-year anniversary. My second anniversary was like a month before everything went to hell with the pandemic so I don't actually remember if I got that pin or not.

  30. If you weigh it, you'll find that it weighs almost the same as the other one. It's thicker because it's an end piece.

  31. It wasn't even an end piece though! (I know the pumpkin bread is denser but it just looked especially silly among all the other full-sized loaves.)

  32. It absolutely is an end piece, that's how loaves work. they are taller in the middle and gradually get shorter to both ends.

  33. End pieces have crust on one side, though, from being against the end of the loaf pan while baking. That's why they call them end pieces. This one didn't have that, so it's kind of a telltale thing that it was not an end piece. Weird how y'all are so insistent without seeing it for real.

  34. 12 hour a week with 18 hours availability are min requirements to work for Starbucks now. This took effect on 10/1. Managers now have access to see where partners finished last quarter in that regard & are being asked to separate partners not meeting that requirement. It sucks & most managers don’t agree with it but is what they’re being asked to do.

  35. *cries in 30 hours of availability and only scheduled 4.5 next week*

  36. Meanwhile, we've got mandatory training on how to put a positive spin on the whole thing. I skimmed it because as always, I'm going to be honest with my customers about it and not drinking the Kool-Aid.

  37. I admire your honesty and I would do the same thing, but I got scolded by my SM once for being too honest with customers. This is gonna be a challenge 🙃

  38. I am pretty sure they call that "Santorum" in parts of this country.

  39. Honestly, the episode where the Puzzler renders 3 unable to scream for help is some of the most deeply terrifying shit I've ever seen in a kids' show.

  40. Unfortunately Starbucks is a facade. They don't care about minority groups, poc groups, or LGBTQ groups whatsoever. They use you to push a narrative and it's disgusting.

  41. Yeah I have such trouble with the "customer connection scores" being based on a very flawed survey.

  42. Partner Central for all things personal partner related. Partner Hub is just a resource for internal docs.

  43. That’s what happened. Annoyed. I asked someone to get it for me cause they were closer. I promised it would be ready for pick up. And it was but it was wrong and they had to wait to get it which they explicitly didn’t want to do. Maybe it was labeled wrong or the person misread light water to somehow mean a coffee. Either way it was annoying.

  44. I'd guess that someone with the same name as you also placed a mobile order around the same time, they were both sitting at handoff, and the person picking up your order grabbed the wrong one.

  45. Cue me reading through your comments to see if you're in my district (I don't think you are)

  46. Lol I don’t work for Starbucks, but this Starbucks is in Lower Manhattan.

  47. This had me really confused for a sec wondering if I had replied to the right comment.

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