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  1. Raccoons. 🦝 I’m starting to tame one. His name Is Frank.

  2. Sunrise alarm clock. Don't need an expensive one. The difference between being startled awake and slowly prompted awake is astounding.

  3. Fun fact, my grandpa invented those back in the early 90's. His was called the Sunup Dawn Simulator.

  4. As a dad, I salute this comment.

  5. Best guest, and best bread, ever. Seriously, I've never had tastier sourdough. Incredible loft, moist, tender crumb, just the slightest tangyness, and perfect chewy, but not too crispy crust.

  6. MIL has a milk cow. The amount of times I've heard "I can't stay for dinner because I have to go milk..."

  7. Sounds like I need to get a milk cow. It's like the ultimate "get out of social situations" free card.

  8. That’s awesome! Costco? Great starter set, especially for the price! You can learn on those for quite a few years. You might find a used or cheap 56 degree wedge. Costco’s wedge set is actually pretty decently priced. Good luck and have fun!

  9. Do you, by chance, live in Anacortes, Washington?

  10. I will never understand Americans calling capsicums 'bell peppers'

  11. Yeah... because cum peppers is a lot better name.

  12. This is an exceptionally well written response. You should really consider a career in writing, Brandon.

  13. Awesome! Would love to try it. Forged in Fire in real life would be so fun and interesting. Please post a pic of how it turned out!

  14. The handle isn't done yet, that's just the tang.

  15. My apologies for missing the sarcasm. Carry on!

  16. Looks so damn similar to our rescue cat, a damn cutie that's for sure! Do you know the breed at all?

  17. Pretty sure she is a Floufer Von Scratchenmeinhans

  18. Bruh let her see you CRY! You have no idea how much more content of an adult she will be if you show her your vulnerability!

  19. She has seen me cry plenty. I just didn't want her to this time as she was really happy and I didn't want her to think I was upset about her playing with her mom's bouquet.

  20. I thought I was the only one. I hate it too!

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