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  1. Batman doesn't care about the letter of the law. He breaks the law constantly. He cares about protecting people from harm. Digital pirates don't gun down parents in alleys, so he doesn't care.

  2. I would stay away from archery. It gets a bit too much overshadowed by other skilltrees.

  3. I don't believe the Antarctic treaty outright bans firearms. It's a ban against military bases, maneuvers, weapons testing, fortifications, etc.

  4. I wish someone would explain to the "greatest witch hunt ever" guy that actual witch hunts led to burnings at the stake.

  5. The "personality" that we experience here seems to be bound to the body. "Soul" seems to be quite different.

  6. How many of these accounts do you know of?

  7. I don't have a number. Quite a lot.

  8. At the very least, I don't doubt that some particularly cruel and demented Sith have gotten very experimental...

  9. Can anyone estimate circa when this stopped being surprising?

  10. Up until recently, I thought of the US Secret Service as the ultimate badass professionals...

  11. It's not so much attacking plainly with a knife. It's using different things like grappling, kicking, killing from behind. Etc.

  12. Do you mean that the rest of the world thinks Americans are arrogant, dumb, racist, trigger happy, short tempered assholes? I'm just asking because there's assholes and bitches everywhere. Do you think it's worse there?

  13. Oh the feast has definitely begun, and they will all be fat and invalid pigs soon enough. Once the republics break rank and declare independence from muscovy, the old tax collector drunks will have nothing and Noone to steal but from themselves. The implosion will be spectacular and violent, and they deserve it all. Their dildo of consequence will be very dry and covered in sand.

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