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new way to make circles in minecraft

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  1. This is super cute! I've never thought about using stripped logs as a floor but I really like it. Also, the lil rabbit hutch!! I'm obssesed

  2. Noob question but how do you fly around to show off a base like that?

  3. Can we just stop lying about builds being survival?

  4. For real build this in a 5month survival but ok

  5. What glitch do you mean? You cheated, just admit it. And what is 5 months? This? Never.

  6. and no we didnt cheat but feel free to asume that

  7. That's a gorgeous temple! Would love to see some interior shots if you've got any.

  8. We are still working on the interior its mosty empty at the moment

  9. Sounds good! Would love to see an update once you get the interior done!

  10. I made a stream of water go up with the soulsand so u van get out

  11. You can spin faster if you use a drawing tablet instead of a mouse.

  12. This is absolutely going to accidentally summon some sort of daemon.

  13. Coal in furnace sends red stone signal to sticky piston which pulls block back. (I would assume this is how it is done)

  14. My favorite memory is just to see all the close wins and comebacks and have those wins myself because it just feels so good

  15. The rivers are insane!! I never get rivers this connected and wide.

  16. Lol i also have that 2nd charizard its worth like 77 euros

  17. I think like 10 to replace the trees and grass with sand and 2 to build the structures (spread out over 5/6 days)

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