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  1. I used to work for a firm that dealt with gun statistics. Typically about 70% of gun deaths in the US or roughly 20-24k gun deaths per year are suicides. The other 6-10k are homicides. The majority of homicides are committed with legally owned guns that were not in possession of the legal owner, aka either borrowed or stolen, and most homicides are related to friend/familial conflicts. Oddly enough, the smallest percentage of these gun deaths are usually the ones we hear about in the news because it's more exciting. It'd be boring and more depressing if they listed the daily gun suicides and there wouldn't be enough time in the day to give adequate attention to each case.

  2. So its ironic that people bring a gun into their home for 'protection' but the odds are suggesting that the gun is most likely going to be used to kill someone in the household (like a suicide, or domestic homicide) than some outside stranger.

  3. While Florida and De Santis do not prepare for hurricane season.

  4. I wish Norm was still with us, imagine him on The Daily Show.

  5. Several women came out after he passed and said he was a misogynistic creep, usually those kinds of people don't do well in leadership positions where you have to manage men and women fairly.

  6. Reading between the lines of Noah's announcement, I think he was terribly depressed and disillusioned by his two years stuck in his apartment, talking to a silent camera like some kind of YouTube content creator, and really REALLY wants to get back on the road. He's a young man, and he's missing the days when he was on three different continents in the same month. Seven years in that job was more than enough. I wish him all the best.

  7. Hes suing a surgeon who worked on his back saying that his life has been forever changed by it. Don't know what happened but I'm guessing he doesn't want to spend his best years sitting down while his body wears out, understandable really.

  8. My favorite video was the morons who wanted to open carry into a police station while wearing masks...

  9. I had to check, they got 9 months each.

  10. Pretty sure the idea of making guns easy and cheap to buy and legal to carry out in public was to make people safer. Sure its gonna kick in any moment, maybe just a few more school shootings and a walmart shooting and a church shooting, then it will kick in for sure.

  11. Another week, another mass shooting in the Constitutional Carry state of Texas where the Governor refuses do take any action to prevent future shootings. Vote for your lives Texas.

  12. One of them was a jail Warden and these migrants were unarmed and looking for water. How cruel and evil are people who would do such a thing?

  13. Ben's alternative facts are there to support his very fragile feelings.

  14. A society without guns has its drawbacks I guess. Wanna trade for my police that kill over a thousand citizens every year?

  15. And Adnan and OJ will both be continuing to look for the "real killer" of their former loved ones.

  16. This post seems so outlandish that I had to find some sources.

  17. To play devils advocate she was in full tactical gear including a combat helmet and vest that can hold ballistic plates. They are also raising the allegation that the 15 year old girl was possibly shooting at the cops earlier in the pursuit. It would be great if cops didn't shoot first and ask questions later when an unknown subject involved in a shootout runs towards them (like what happens in frankly more civilized countries) but we do live in a society where a civilian can legally own enough firepower to kill 61 people in 4 minutes (see Las Vegas Shooter) and wound many hundreds more from several hundreds of yards away. I just don't think that cops train for the what if scenario of an unarmed teen in tactical gear running towards them at the police academy.

  18. Watch someone on MDMA, it doesn't actually do all those things, it just makes you believe you are doing all those things. In reality you're probably behaving like an inebriated idiot. Its like alcohol in that regard. I liked MDMA but i've seen enough people on it while sober to know anyone rolling looks like a happy drunk at best.

  19. Isn't this photo from their training exercises? When fully laden I would expect the deck to be much fuller as the lower holds would have been full.

  20. To be fair I was caught cross dressing once, and my family elected to never speak of it again. Which caused all kinds of psychological damage of shame guilt and remorse for me. Yay aren't families fun?

  21. So you’re saying there wasn’t really a Brady violation?

  22. Why didn't Mosby interview the original prosecutors before declaring that a Brady violation occurred? We know painfully little information about these two hard to read handwritten notes, like who even wrote them or when exactly they were written, or why the defense who had access to these files never found them.

  23. A couple of genuine questions for you...

  24. The victim's family in this case are petitioning for an appeal to the Judges order of vacating the case so their minds are clearly made up. They were at the trial and keep up with the news about it, and they are not moved by these new potential murder suspects. I would tend to not discount their feelings about this case.

  25. You don't feel violating Brady v Maryland is a compelling reason to vacate the conviction?

  26. Was Brady violated, has it been proven? There are many lawyers and legal experts who say no. Why were the original prosecutors not interviewed about the possible violation? Like this lawyer said, it is the normal MO for prosecutors to not admit faults in their office's case, especially ones that have been thoroughly examined on appeal. Her offices rapid change of disposition to the case is highly unusual for a scant chance of a procedural violation.

  27. If they’re not a danger to society, yes. They served their sentence, gotten their punishment.

  28. What are you talking about, innocent people have confessed to crimes such as murder and have pled guilty and have gotten plea agreements all the time. Often innocent people DO NOT do well in jail at all unlike Adnan. In general, they are stressed and angry and panicked about spending their whole life in jail for a crime they did not commit. They would be pleading and crying and begging for relief even decades after being incarcerated. Guilty people tend to be more like Adnan, secretly accepting they really are where they belong, and they often quickly and easily integrate into the jail system like Adnan did. When Adnan was so cool and collected in his Jail interviews with Sarah, that was a big red flag for me as that is exactly how a sociopath operates.

  29. 20 years for cold blooded murder is a light sentence anywhere else in the world. The problem with the American justice system is that people can get 20 years for selling pot, but a piece of trash like Syed is freed because two people think it is good PR for their side of politics.

  30. Some kid actor in Canada got just 15 years to life for killing his mom. Other countries take murder seriously, but I think they view jail as a way to correct the offender so they can reintegrate them back into society. So they spend like 3-5x more per prisoner but end up having a much lower recidivism rate.

  31. What is getting overlooked is the fact that these witnesses, are witnesses. All these theories regarding how Adnan is not only guilty of the murder, but also premeditation because of the ride request are ignoring that:

  32. I'd like to think the plan was not to kill Hae. The plan was to have a private talk about getting back together. We know from

  33. People talk about Jay being an unreliable witness, but his changing stories seem precipitated on stress, fear, paranoia. As you can imagine it might be hard to talk to the police as a small time criminal about your friend who you know can murder people in a neighborhood that roughs up rats. To me Adnan is an even less reliable witness and his lies seem cool and calculated to make him look in the best light possible while being just vague or small enough to not paint him as a pathological liar. I've watched other murder interrogations, and they are just like Adnan, trying to convince the officers that they had nothing but positive thoughts about their ex and I guess not thinking that the officers would corroborate that with other witnesses or in this case from the

  34. There's more of a story there than like factorio.

  35. I feel sorry for their dog. Cancun Cruise and his family left their dog to freeze in their dark cold house. Should be brought up on animal abuse charges but that would require some sort of legal system that is blind and no one being above.

  36. And let's not forget his total willingness to subvert democracy and the will of free American citizens for his piss daddy Trump.

  37. It's so weird watching a president do their job again. If Ron was President he probably spend all his time figuring out what political stunt he could do next and where to ship legal migrants to for the biggest headline.

  38. Okay but getting shocked by the Van der Graaf Generator still stings :(

  39. It's all fun and games until you accidentally put your hand in the particle accelerator beam.

  40. TIL that Johnny Cash was a part of the Crips gang

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