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  1. I mean it’s heavily dependent on how we break this down hit yeah it’s important to note that John was originally gonna be aged up 5 years for the last boom and that idea was scrapped

  2. My point “however badly explained” is that his skill level is gonna need to adapt to that for the lack of age and he is gonna have to be made better younger or he can’t be considered a top 5 reasonably

  3. You look like what if Channing Tatum was a 23-year-old homosexual. Also just for your own benefit, it's easy to look toned when you only weigh 135 lb. Why don't you come to the gym and live with the man in one day you'll be the size of an actual grown up.

  4. So you post something running someone's bring your opinion they give it to you and you're too sensitive, to handle it I'm sorry. I thought I was responding to a grown man not a little girl. And I'm actually a gym rat.

  5. Only annoying thing about them is how messed up the starting area is, put them in the donught and it would be ss+

  6. You look amazing and healthy, definitely an impressive glow up. Some eyebrow grooming and more beard on the side could be good. Also I’m not a fan of the polo shirt due to the super tightness but otherwise you look great, man!

  7. Yeah get that a lot but can’t really do it consciously if that makes sense

  8. Definitely a glow up but I’d recommend doing a little bit of a cut, maybe do a 3 day water fast once a month or every few months, lose a little bit of body fat to get your jaw more chiseled but it’s not needed just one tip I could give bro

  9. Nah it’s fine since that photo got a lot more abs now took a minute but it’s much improved just don’t take a lot of photos of myself as you can see from the phone difference

  10. I was debating in my mind do you look western or eastern slavic, but I guess both

  11. Other side of the family is french so technically both right

  12. The what through the what sorry? For the record that’s not how data works, the file will either send or it won’t. Get your Basic Apple Câble Or get one from the dollar store. No need for premium anything I promise

  13. Yeah I already said that the data will either send or it wont.

  14. “Good matchup” was the better way to word that

  15. Uh no it is relevant. Mukaku surrendered because ohma and crew fucked up his plans.

  16. It’s irrelevant to the fight ending in one chapter as stated, regardless of reason

  17. Hey, just letting you know that you can find people to play with on the official total war discord, and if you play with SFO you can find some folks on that discord too.

  18. It's a mod that overhauls the game and makes a ton of changes and additions. If you are very new to this game, dont worry about it. The base game is still fantastic.

  19. Oh no would say relatively into total war just ain’t much into mods or the online stuff

  20. Finally a good fight but it will be ended in one chapter calling it now

  21. If it isn’t connecting anything that shouldn’t be connected you are more than ok my guy

  22. 4 of them are practically free bonuses for anyone who buys maul and the other 2 are sold for the price of one skin🤷‍♂️

  23. Only one was free, there were 3 you got for 1k and then 2 you got for 800

  24. Did you even read my comment? Or are just incapable of doing so? The 3 for 1k are literally just bonuses to buying maul🤷‍♂️

  25. Unless your goal wasn’t to buy mail, but sure monkey have a good day

  26. What is it with every fucking launcher NOT keeping you signed in apart from Steam? Any time I fire up epic for a game claim, or dare I say ubisoft for...I dunno..anno 1400, or I wake up from a dream thinking Siege will be releasing a 'classic mode'.......Paaassswoooord???? Really??

  27. Tbh I have no issue with epic but with ubi and ea yeah 100%

  28. Would you mind telling me if you get any cool whine or anything like that been considering buying it

  29. I do get a little but really not bad. Not enough to notice over my PC speaker when I’m gaming. Now my Noctua 3070 whined really bad!

  30. Disappointing though especially considering noctua

  31. Am I the only one impressed with the fact you have a bath in student housing, would have killed for that

  32. Typically, the CPU load increases with the amount of frames.

  33. it's unfortunate you can't run stable at EXPO speeds, but I believe in the future a BIOS update will fix that. Also I know the 5800x3d wasn't very dependent on RAM speeds compared to the other lineup from zen 3, so hopefully that is also the case for your 7800x3d. Grats on figuring it out!

  34. Honestly 200 less than what I paid for for a stable rog je the least of my worries lol, just glad I figured it instead of paying

  35. Have you tried disabling docp? Are you positive the boot drive is good?

  36. Boot drive was no problem before the swap, it boots fine even stays on for hours just in game it crashes

  37. If you never enabled it, it should be fine. I've just seen a lot of people having issues running RAM at the actual full rated speed on am5. If it's not the PSU, boot drive, or RAM then I'm kinda out of suggestions that you haven't tried already.

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