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  1. I don’t like Biden but blaming him entirely for those things is disingenuous at best. Learn to think critically, I’ve found a lot of the right has a very difficult time with that.

  2. The inflation rate was 1% when Biden took office. Biden inherited a thriving economy. The national average for gas was $2.58. Do not speak to me about thinking critically when you will earn gold in mental gymnastics to accuse me of being disingenuous.

  3. what exactly did biden do to raise inflation and gas prices?

  4. Let’s see: -Pushed COVID regulations well past populations becoming vaccinated that slowed and shut our economy down

  5. I’m not sure I understand the point of calling it a community then.

  6. It’s like Biden goes out of his way to misstep or make the worst decision on virtually anything.

  7. I wanna know why what happened in 2022 didn’t happen in 2021 or to the same extent in 2020. The only difference I’m aware of is a fertilizer shortage and the Ukrainian war. None of which I can see really affecting the U.S market to this degree.

  8. They don’t mail you letters. They pay you a visit. This is faker than the Moon landing.

  9. Should this trend continue, cars could return to being primarily used by the middle and upper classes, like the United States before the Model T and the assembly line. Sure, there’ll always be shitty cars that some will be able to afford, and those lucky enough to own a car can pass it down through the family, but we may be heading for a future, decades to a century down the line, where our landscape and lives are designed for automotive technology that is inaccessible to the majority of us. If most of us cannot afford cars then we should probably not have our cities and economies designed for cars, that’s just idiotic community management

  10. Not only do you have lending practices that will push cars towards being a middle and upper class commodity, but gas prices and EPA standards will be sure to finish the deal. You can’t register a vehicle that emits too much Co2. Do you see poorer families being able to afford newer vehicles that meet these standards?

  11. When BJJ was just starting to get popular in the states, many gyms just starting out had blue belts as their head instructors.

  12. Who was recording this and how'd they know what was going on?

  13. I think if more people asked this question during a lot of these confrontation videos/channels that solely run on this type of content, more people would be able to filter out what’s real and what isn’t, quickly.

  14. Ah the classic move from the left, suddenly remembering major stories years or decades later. See Brett kavanough (not looking up how to spell it, cope), or my new favorite, a quote from Clarence Thomas from like 4 decades ago.

  15. They didn’t miss a beat to embarrass him once the story became untangled. They then stated he was too fat to reach across the narrow opening to grab the steering wheel.

  16. A lot. Because if you've never seen it first hand then you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. I grew up in an area where a measurable percentage of kids had childhood cancer because of unregulated pollution. So much so, that the company paid out hundreds of millions of dollars to the thousands of children who got cancer from polluted soil and water.

  17. You’re appealing to emotion and authority. Because you grew up in poverty, you’re the expert on policy. I don’t feel that’s reasonable as I brought up a pretty good example of how EPA standards hold the possibility of harming poorer communities.

  18. You need context for someone saying “you should die like the kids in Uvalde?”

  19. Lol, yeah fire, matches, so sexy these days. If you wanna debate a Democrat, I'm sorry to tell you, you missed your target a bit 🤦‍♂️. I'm sure everyone here is proud of you for trying though.

  20. Supporting gun rights and nothing else doesn't make you independent. Stop moving the goal post.

  21. I frankly don’t care what you are. Hide behind obfuscation. It’s inconsequential to me.

  22. White parents did the same shit with every kid gets a trophy and now we've got 5 million Karens and Chads running around America.

  23. I guarantee you, no white peoples were bolstering themselves up by referring to themselves as “kings.” A ridiculous notion.

  24. This makes me think the guy isnt surprised at the reaction he got. A normal person would move two seats away. Or not sit next to this guy when there are lots of other options. Instead he doesnt apologize he wants to keep sitting there. Then moves one seat?

  25. You’re right, screaming and cussing at people in private or public is not normal. Acting like you’re on the verge of violence over something small or petty is not normal.

  26. Hasn’t he openly stated his Christian and he’s praised God in multiple speeches. I’m so confused how one could all of a sudden take this stance, if it’s even true.

  27. I personally wouldn’t want the liability if you sell it for reloading purposes. For as much as you’re going to get for it, it just isn’t worth it. Say anything you sell leads to a catastrophic failure. They come back and say you gave them faulty brass. They probably won’t be able to prove it but is it worth the headache and legal fees?

  28. I don't mean this in a mean way.... can you cite a court case where this has EVER happened.

  29. I am not saying this is likely to happen. It’s not. But do you stand to get rich by selling brass? You’ll make a few bucks.

  30. Not a spaz anymore. I try to be gentle with people and be a safe rolling partner. My gym is filled with small people and I am the largest person who shows up regularly, so I’m sure intimidation plays into it.

  31. Could be an ego thing. People are less inclined to roll with the strong white belt for fear of being subbed.

  32. Everything is much clearer in hindsight. Until then, people typically are trusting of others and aren’t prepared to deal with someone who already has a scam in place with an already prepared envelope.

  33. The female lion was sleeping with the male lions cousin. What we’re seeing is the male lion and his sisters confronting the female lion about her indiscretions.

  34. I stopped watching cartoons when I was 12. The only people seeing this are SOYLENT f-words living the nostalgia. Not even kids want to see this.

  35. You mean I should choose between all the woke, watered down, remake shit of today instead of reliving nostalgia from the only time I was happy in my life?

  36. I feel like the only time I noticed this was in Obi Wan/Vaders 2nd duel at the end. I didn’t like all the fancy angles. I wanted something like Epi III where I could see all the action.

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