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  1. Pretty much. And it’s the usual song & dance of “Oopsie! I didn’t know… wink wink nudge nudge”

  2. Back in the day you could easily just type into Facebook “shag in honour of” and then find a ton of them for future dates. But as someone else said, Friday & Saturday nights at the Moose Hall or any of the CLE buildings should bring you to one. I think the Elks Lodge on Miles Street also holds them every now and then.

  3. Gives the spinning pile driver a whole new meaning.

  4. I went to that website and the “Dr” is a complete grifter too. Amazing.

  5. “Dr.” Sheri Tenpenny, a Doctor of English Literature and it shows in her stories.

  6. I nearly spat out my coffee when I saw that. Rural New Zealand? Damn! Q really has taken over the world… I’ll lose it if we start seeing QPeople in the Pacific Islands or even the Pitcairn Islands (and that would be prime territory for Q to take hold, knowing their history).

  7. All depends on what department you’re applying for. Some areas will be better than others.

  8. Unfortunately, online is your only option. Ecstasy had a lot of stuff but according to friends of mine who went there it was not a good experience (ie: get in and get out, no browsing, etc). Other places in town are almost all weed stores with only a tiny fraction devoted to sex stuff.

  9. I get the hammers, but what’s with these blobs and streaks?

  10. Opportunity / opportunism and an easy mark to continue the grift.

  11. Tl;dr, Wellington closed between Commissioners / Southdale

  12. Yeah, you can, you just gotta get used to hearing that style of music.

  13. Someone ages ago did a Disneyfied cover of Hammer Smashed Face and you are absolutely correct: there’s lyrics and an actual melody there, and it was roll on the floor in a circle pit HILARIOUS.

  14. All the politicians who complained about their lyrics the first time around back in the 90s are actual corpses now, from old age, not cannibalism. As far as I know.

  15. And somewhere, Julie Ponesse is smiling.

  16. Some girl in my birth town was doing this same thing a year before COVID hit. You could practically set your watch to these threats, or reports of threats, she’d email in. Sooner or later, cops were able to pinpoint where the threats were coming from, especially when she was dumb enough to send one of the threats from the school’s own wifi.

  17. This is the kind of shit that gets goofs like her hurt real bad…

  18. Forty candidates have been confirmed for the by-election currently under way in Mississauga–Lakeshore (Ontario). This is the largest number of candidates to run in any single electoral district in a federal election or by-election administered by Elections Canada.

  19. I was about to ask this question myself. Then I googled Kieran’s name.

  20. Not surprising for a place owned by an ex-PPC candidate that once hosted Chris Sky and Kristen Nagle

  21. Whatever happened to ol horse teeth? Lying in a ditch somewhere?

  22. Last I heard was an Alberta Health Services nurse doxxed him on

  23. As I’ve said before, get ready for the downvotes when you ask about the worst of Tbay establishments - bars, restaurants, whatever. You’re going to be accused of being an out-of-town karma-farming troll trying to spread negativity in our most serene paradise.

  24. Unless you get them at the gas stations on-Reserve, then any old smoke shack is a roll of the dice in terms of quality. Those cheap baggie smokes are quite literally tobacco rolled in dirt and whatever else happened to be on the floor that day.

  25. I'm unaware who the people here are, anyone care to shed some light?

  26. They were pro-Trump vloggers who first made a name for themselves during the 2015-16 Republican nomination and whose reach exploded during the campaign that year. Much of their gimmick was that these were two ordinary Black women who normally did not have any interest in politics whatsoever. Once Trump got elected they continued to ride that fame into Fox, but then fizzled out fast.

  27. Highest profile? Herman Cain would disagree if he could.

  28. You’re right. These two would be the second-highest.

  29. That’s a step… up? from that bound Biden truck that’s a regular on this sub

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