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  1. You should sell the house & buy environmentally friendly stock calls.

  2. It's incredibly frustrating to see how much the community only cares about money when it comes to discussing stocks. There seems to be little consideration for the environmental impact of the companies they invest in or promote. It's as if the health of the planet and the well-being of future generations mean nothing compared to making a quick profit.

  3. How likely is it that NIO surpasses Tesla?

  4. That thing you circled and called a cow, its a bull.

  5. Good thing it was circled or we wouldn't have known which one was the "cow"... which is also a bull.

  6. Bulls went extinct with the dinosaurs. It's a cow, duh.


  8. is shake your answer or are you referring to the answer of other people?

  9. Ace up my sleeve snack is planning my day better and not needing 1k more calories at 11pm. Works every time.

  10. I can't go back in time, brother.

  11. Austrian isn’t a language. Just like American isn’t a language. You’re probably looking for Austrian German, a mutually intelligible dialect with the one spoken in Germany.

  12. Why is Germany taking all the credit then? I think it should be called Gerstrian.

  13. Thank you for circling it, i might have missed it, if not.

  14. You have shinobus older and younger sister in E tier, but you don't have the character shinobu on this list at all.

  15. Is this based off the best teams now or your favorite

  16. The best according to what? I’m confused af

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