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  1. They're comparing fishes and birds to mammals. All completely different

  2. Yes abd the fact i had a breakdown this morning and the fact its not looking very good for man city atm

  3. okie then. i hope youll be ok, and stay safe! <3 also good luck to manchester i guess lol

  4. My top 3 cars in order: gavril D series, Procyon centauri (mod), and gavril H series

  5. Yeah. New exit ramps are really smooth, but in older maps like California I can feel my truck going over several ledges as the slope of the ramp increases

  6. And the detail of the scenery, it's really impressive on the newer maps and you can really tell a difference. I live in Ohio so I'm glad we haven't been done yet :D lol

  7. yeah. hopefully they get the entire US at some point

  8. I've come across way worse stuff on tikok and reddit than ever in omegle

  9. Dangers on Reddit and tiktok are a lot more avoidable, especially on Reddit since you curate your own experience

  10. They both treat me good! Both are very nice and I listen to records with my step dad all the time! My bio dad and I watch doctor who together everytime I'm with him :))

  11. Lmao ty I just doodled this in like 2 mins cuz I coincidentally remembered the dream

  12. Uh what did I do?? She could have legitimately got a head injury from that

  13. Do not fall for this trap brothers, for this woman is a man

  14. A person that does femboy things but is a girl? I’m interested🗿

  15. i didn’t block him bc seeing his ig posts is so fucking funny but i think after this time i’m gonna have to

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