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  1. Throwing shit at a wall here, but it could be if EIR are having routing issues, thats why its not going through and when on Vodafone mobile data, you could be in an area where you are serviced by EIR, and thus are using their routing?

  2. I think Eir's ipv6 DNS is fucked at the moment. A load of people in Ireland were unable to connect to Battlenet yesterday and the day before using it

  3. "Whaaa! I don't like you pointing out I got grifted by the Nazis I keep voting for!"

  4. Spend less time on reddit jesus fucking christ

  5. I've nothing to be mad about, I'm not a terminally online american with partisan brainrot

  6. did you manage to fix the problem?

  7. Changed from Cloudflare to Google DNS for both ipv4 and ipv6 and that seems to have solved it

  8. Sometimes you die to a controller user because you're shit and not because of aim assist.

  9. Didn't realise aim assist turned itself off randomly

  10. It's your settings you changed to move the mini map closer in also moves this message banner down. Just fix your horizontal and vertical boundaries. Don't blame devs for settings you have control over

  11. I understand shitting on the game, but this one is totally on you. By default these messages are higher and you actually had to change an option to make it cover your crosshair.

  12. Changing some accessibility settings to have the minimap and ammo counter closer to your centre of vision should not cause the airstrike warning to block your aim. That's on Infinity Ward for not testing their own settings. The warning banner should be way higher up by default, or shouldn't be affected by the HUD boundary setting

  13. If you think this is fast gameplay I'd love to see some of your own footage

  14. You don’t like spawning on top of people and dying immediately??? Guess you aren’t bunny hopping around with a pro skin enough…

  15. Why not play one of the many popular tactical shooters that have popped up over the last few years instead of trying to force your boring playstyle onto an arcade shooter?

  16. Don't fucking backpedal now. You were fucking shitting on Obama. You were parroting the same shit every Obama hater saying.

  17. Shes paying 650 currently. 650. Would you go away if you think that is in any way a reasonable amount for the landlord to be getting.

  18. Holy shit they're still hating on that game. How fucking sad must your life be to spend nearly three years hating on anything so insignificant?

  19. Play a shipment match where its flashbang fest in your dark room at 1am

  20. Get some bias lighting or turn on some lights in the room so you don't get eyestrain

  21. Lights in the room cause me more eye strain

  22. Your room lights are probably too bright then

  23. This is a pc specific issue but I really hope they add an antialiasing off option. Warzone 1 is much sharper for me due to having an off option, I like my games razor sharp.

  24. TAA and its consequences have been a disaster for visual clarity in games

  25. Yes, campers deserve all the kills they get. There were absolutely no problems with breaching power positions in WZ1. Best game to ever exist.

  26. This but unironically. If you couldn't coordinate a precision/cluster zipline rooftop push to rid a roof of campers you probably weren't very good at the game. Doubly so when Nakatomi was in the game and you could parachute onto any roof in Downtown

  27. I’m so baddddd 😂 Keep power tripping off those Twitter fingers buddy

  28. Verdansk OG had so much better lighting too. Later Verdansk and Verdansk 84 looks horrendous in comparison.

  29. Not for interiors. OG Verdansk interiors were obnoxiously dark, something that 84 improved on dramatically

  30. Classic Act*vision releasing MW2019 on another storefront months after deliberately gutting the game so it wouldn't be competing with MWII.

  31. Would be pretty sick to watch this game reach a slow painful death like that.

  32. As opposed to how popular WZ2 was before they reverted many of the unpopular design changes with S2?

  33. I clicked on that article, cos I feel strongly about the subject matter (I agree with the article).

  34. How can you stand browsing the internet without an adblocker? It takes literally 10 seconds to install

  35. Xdefiant, the finals, and a couple others have a shot if they can step off the liveservice fortnite/apex/overwatch cartoon themes but we'll see.

  36. It looks like it's based off the original MW2 engine, not IW8

  37. Tried playing the first one and enjoyed it up until the point where you go out to sea on the boat. The game kept crashing forcing me to restart the entire chapter each time. I never found a fix.

  38. It's functionally more like a DDOS though. Many people have bemoaned the absolute piss poor state of online security these major MP titles have: whether it's D2/GTA/COD you're connection is very fucking vulnerable. This kind of stuff has been something normal to expect if you've played COD long enough and know.

  39. Imagine committing a federal offence just to cheat in a multiplayer game holy shit

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