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"Blowing from a cannon" claims to be one of execution method by British raj in India. below image in a painting

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to debate what a woman is

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  1. Because they can't wrap their minds around the concept of one not existing, so they find reasons to believe it.

  2. Sometimes a chain is simply a chain, and has no hook. Sometimes it spirals endlessly, spinning eternally into knowledge we'll never think to seek.

  3. I live in the USA, and like I’ve said (a painful number of times) I am not saying any one government is the worst. I’m saying many are terrible and one being evil doesn’t make another one good.

  4. I am saying some governments are worse than others — and no country has ever had the amount of power the us does without trying to dominate its neighbors and the world. Many countries continue to depend on the US for their own existence, like the Philippines and Ukraine. Can you think of any countries that can rely on Russia or Iran that way?

  5. You’re implying a false equivalence that I never put into motion. Someone said the US is good because Russia is bad, that is a false equivalence. I never said my own country’s government is good, so there’s no reason for you to imply it. And dependence on a country isn’t always a good thing: take Israel for example.

  6. The us is pretty good, my family came here and not to Moscow or Tehran for a reason. There’s no where else on the planet we’d rather be because it’s such a good country.

  7. Info –– when your EVP said "checking someone's work is a microaggression," did she actually mean "there will be no more safety or quality checks on our hardware, we will henceforth be paying the safety and quality team to do nothing"? Or did she mean "there should be no acting skeptical of peoples' capabilities and hovering over them/asking to check their work when that's not your role"?

  8. That seems like an obvious interpretation of what they really meant, but that misunderstanding should have been obvious when op spoke up and said they were in quality assurance. The fact that they doubled down instead of saying, “oh yeah, we don’t mean you doing your job” is pretty darned odd,

  9. It’s because people are actually like that, and we should stop sanewashing their beliefs and take them at their word

  10. I'm with him about these people being disaffected and looking to someone to speak to them, and about the hypocritical unfairness of living in this world where we accept everyone, warts and all, unless they're a young man with poor grooming habits, because then they're a piece of shit incel, etc etc.

  11. This is not an accurate account of JP’s self help program. The stronger criticism which I hear more often is that he puts too much emphasis on personal responsibility, which is more likely than that he’s putting too little

  12. Maybe my depiction of it as a pat on the head or coddling isn't fully accurate, but it's what a toxic man's view of support should be. He challenges men to grow, but in his next breath says that their anger is a justified reaction to [insert vague attack on leftism/feminism/etc]. So really their negative emotions are justified, and that's where the figurative "pat on the head" comes in. He's teaching men to "grow" by cleaning their room and standing up straight, not by confronting their sense of entitlement.

  13. A big part of his teaching is that you shouldn’t be entitled and that rewards rightly belong to the competent. Again, your angle here is surprising given that the more salient criticism of Peterson is that he puts too much emphasis on the individuals ability and responsibility to earn their own

  14. There’s an is ought fallacy there though — research is (in theory) objective and empirical, but what we ought to do with that information isn’t.

  15. There's enough humans around, no matter your mentality it's probably part of a herd

  16. You’re kind of an idiot not worth talking to if you think a herd mentality is when you have a mentality while in proximity to other people

  17. You debunked nothing, you’re a literal Redditor arguing religion and throwing the “I don’t want to argue religion with redditors” card out seems pretty hypocritical lol, and no you don’t need a god to be “moral” morals are defined by humanity like everything else in our society, there are many passages in the Bible that are plainly violent and horrific, if the Abrahamic god is your ideal being for setting morals you can stay the fuck away from the rest of us.

  18. Lol dude talking about run on sentences I’m not writing a college paper bud I could care less about being grammatically accurate please get off your high horse dork.

  19. Lmao you’re wrong and grasping for criticisms so hard you’re pretending using the same word twice is better.

  20. In what way is psychology a pseudo-science, and if it was how is in the same ballpark as astrology

  21. Jung considered astrology important in his theories on archetypes, and when Karl Popper coined the term pseudo science Freudian psychoanalysis was one of his first examples

  22. you know Jung and Freud are considered to be mostly wrong by modern psychology standards right?

  23. This is not true, especially considering that Jordan Peterson taught at Harvard and U of T while being a specialist in Jung. So it depends on the psychologist you’re talking to, not everyone in the field is a behaviorist despite what Reddit might tell you

  24. The quote was less about God and more about modern man’s condition and that modernity makes belief in God, as it once was, impossible. Even modern believers are constantly bombarded with skepticism and doubt that pre-modern believers never really had to face.

  25. I don’t see how that’s something Nietzsche got wrong, he’d be far from surprised that the religious impulse is now satisfied by less meaningful replacements — in fact, that seems to be his main concern

  26. Evil isn’t really bad, it’s a kind of bad. You could argue that it’s an empty concept, but you can’t just redefine what it is

  27. Mate, when the OP is talking about the British empire's atrocities, he's not talking about executing people in gruesome ways.

  28. My favorite part of reddit pseuds are when they act like brown people have zero agency

  29. Lol you are wrong and it sounds like you’ve never stepped foot in California. That accent does not belong to California, and in fact, is called the

  30. To argue for free will’s existence, requires the belief in something outside of the measurable universe that can influence our choices. A spirt, soul, god, whatever. Without this there is no way for a choice to be made that wasn’t just the direct result of the inputs you’ve experienced and your brains chemistry. So to argue for free will, at least in every case we f an argument I’ve seen presented for free will, requires this belief in something fundamentally unprovable and based in blind faith that your feeling of making choices can’t just be an illusion. In MANY cases, this blind faith stems from religious/spiritual beliefs.

  31. Is tik tok really a competitir for youtube? I mean tik tok is just minute long at max vids, youtube actually allows for good videos which can have some lenght.

  32. Do you think that a competitor has to offer the exact same product to be a competitor? Is Panda Express a competitor with McDonald’s, even though they serve different kinds of fast food?

  33. Its not really the same, what you said would be more in line with vine vs tik tok since they offer the dame kind of thing. Youtube vs tik tok would be like comparing mcdonalds to a reustaurant where you can aldo get a burger. Both can offer the same thing but one of them can also offer so much more than the other to the point its not a fair comparison

  34. YouTube was a couple years ago the social media teenagers spent the most time on. Now it’s TikTok. It seems that TikTok offers a replacement good compared to YouTube, and it’s customers accept it as such.

  35. Protecting speech that champions suppression of speech has always been the rub.

  36. Says who? What is your definition of merit? If merit means genius then you just need to be smart without doing anything.

  37. The methods of determining merit typically involves demonstration via application.

  38. Glass Superman thinks that on the sales floor the manager just goes “ah yes, mark, I think you’re going to be the best salesmen. So based on that belief, you shall be paid more. Merit”

  39. My bone to pick is that people who lambast socialism usually support its earlier manifestations: government ownership of fire services, police services, infrastructure maintenance, public libraries, a taxpayer-funded standing military, and K-12 education. Its only the new stuff they don’t like. Everything mentioned above was new at one point too, and probably criticized by such people at the time.

  40. Because they are the result of groups of people interacting, not the other way around.

  41. Do you think about how you interact with people and who you interact with, or do you just take every interaction as they happen

  42. It started out ok but now she just blabs on whatever topical subject without stating any opinion, meaningful insights or even saying something new.

  43. Honestly I think all of their albums give a winter/fall vibe

  44. It’s the least consistently good album, but somewhere tonight is just heartbreaking listen to and elegy to the void is one of their best tracks ever

  45. Let fiction be fiction. Stories adapt and evolve with the times. If these people really cared about the accuracy of their fiction (an oxymoronic statement), then they should be demanding that the film be in Danish because the story is from Denmark.

  46. Christians and stupidity are like fishes and water.

  47. I think they want them to look cohesive in photos, but personally I come down on the side of "I want my girls to feel confident and look however they damn want" on my big day. Idk I just feel like a wedding should be about happiness not aesthetics

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