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  1. Please tell us how women dressing and acting like normal people "created a lot of resentment".

  2. Because the restrictive laws were heavily enforced on the average person but didnt apply to the wealthier elites

  3. the way you talk about grooming so much makes me think youre an actual pedophile. Reported.

  4. 3* the bubble was not a real ring and it takes a special dick rider to argue he has 4

  5. lebron cried when he won so you don’t have a leg to stand on here. mickey mouse king

  6. lebron wasnt on reddit seething about someone else winning a ring like you are cheddar bob

  7. Why? The better Curry is, the better 2016 looks and the less bad the 2015, 2017, and 2018 losses look.

  8. Celtics haven’t won a chip in 12 years tho :/

  9. What do you mean he was funny? How is he funny? Was he like a clown, did he amuse you?

  10. Unless you have been a lakers fan for over 30 years u really shouldn’t care about the Celtics rivalry. Change my mind.

  11. I don’t agree with this. I am Lebron Fan always and 1st. I want to see the Warriors crumble. Let’s not forget that this sub gushes over Jayson Tatum all the time. In truth Idc if the Celtics win. It means more to me to see Steph and the Warriors lose.

  12. Jaimie, look it up, pretty sure I read about the 9ers being loosers

  13. They are already in the game already tho.

  14. I literally told him to pick a name for me. No vax cards are shown, it is just reported they are vaccinated, which can mean, only 1 dose.

  15. Village was probably the most completed because people were hoping it get better by the end. The game was a complete wasted opportunity and a disappointment in all aspects of story. The developers actually stated that they made the game less scary than 7 because people complained.

  16. Yes, but the gameplay doesn't change one bit. You just need more Great Lightning Spears with low vs high faith.

  17. Can this not be said about literally any rpg lol the lower the level, the more hits its gonna take to kill things

  18. Every time this place is mentioned, someone has to come and flex that it's easy and they have no idea how everyone thinks it's hard.

  19. That happens with literally everything on these subs lol. Someone will be venting about a boss and some spaz will have to come in and brag how they beat them "FIRST TRY!!!!" and that they can't fathom how anyone could have trouble with it

  20. At some point in 2015 I just had to laugh. Our star rookie lb retiring after one year in the league was what made me become the joker

  21. They never really ran Vick or Young in that offense the Shanahan’s crafted for RG3 though that took the concepts of the Denver zone read offense and mixed in the RPO. Young was in the classic Walsh west coast offense and Vick was in a variety of frankly abominations of schemes in Atlanta (before landing in Reid’s version of the west coast)

  22. Yeah, the audacity of people who played the network test of Elden Ring to give feedback on one of the core online aspects of the game. What beta losers, amirite?

  23. Average pve fan making posts on reddit how he beat a boss after 10 months.

  24. It's kind of wild how fast trailer marketing and trailer viewers have advanced in some aspects. It wasn't long ago that I remember everyone's mind being blown when the Infinity War trailer had Hulk in Uganda but not in the movie. Now we have people catching split second edits, damn people are smart.

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