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  1. In fairness the Khans could have bought WWE pre-AEW

  2. Highly unlikely. WWE was worth 6 billion in 2019 and Shahid's net worth back then was only 7.9 billion. Even if they had a group of investors he would probably still have to pony up close to 2 billion as the face of the investors.

  3. Even if Chrollo had prep he would still typically have to setup the particulars of his plan in real time, and Youpi has been shown to fight too aggressively and too fast a pace to give him enough breathing room to do that, and Youpi has the means and willingness to easily blow through any obstruction or deterrence Chrollo could devise.

  4. There's another one from Giulia/Suzu that looked even worse than this.

  5. I remember Foley talking about how every time he's invited to do a guest spot in a movie or TV show, people are blown away at how good he actually is at acting, and how he can do everything the director asks without barely any time to rehearse or the need to do countless takes. Mick credits it to just being in wrestling for so long and that that's how good every wrestler is, but I think he's selling himself short on this one. The guy is really more talented than he gives himself credit.

  6. I was upset that Now and Again was cancelled as they had Mick's character paired up with a former villain who had escaped prison.

  7. I'll write his arc similar to Kingpin's from Netflix Daredevil. At the end of season 1 Kingpin was beaten and sent to prison. He spends season 2 as a background threat building his power. In season 3 he comes back badder than ever.

  8. That's exactly what it reminded me of, especially Cody's pose. I can see Okada or Tanahashi being drawn similarly.

  9. I can't see WWE selling to the Saudis despite them having the most money. WWE still values their TV and streaming deals and that would be at risk if they sell to the Saudis considering how much trouble the latter has getting deals for their preexisting sports franchises.

  10. They are obligated to do well by their stock holders. Whoever offers the most money to the shareholders is going to get it

  11. Whoever pays the most isn't the only factor. The WWE's TV and streaming deals is integral to the company's wellbeing which is also important to shareholders.

  12. That's some topnotch promo skill there, heard the "what!" and immediately changed his cadence and shut that shit down.

  13. He might be the most evil motherfucker but he's also the coolest motherfucker. Dude just screams "top champ".

  14. The difference in this case is that an ownership group with Tony's dad, Tony himself and other investors could probably raise the funds to buy WWE.

  15. The face of this investment group (which I presume would be the Khans) would probably still need to hold a significant portion of the equity which would be still be billions of dollars. Would Shahid really be willing to offer that much money for his son's passion project?

  16. I've always seen it as Enishi's style was tailor-made to counter Kenshin specifically. So he's absolutely Kenshin's most difficult matchup. But while Enishi, might still be able to defeat other powerful characters across the series, it wouldn't actually be a foregone conclusion. Like I've always figured even characters like Saito, Aoshi, etc. may be able to take Enishi.

  17. Enishi wins. Without using his full strength, Enishi defeated the same Kenshin that defeated Shishio. Enishi won't be as physically debilitated as the fighters Shishio faced. Shishio has no first hand information on Enishi's techniques. Enishi's real time adaptation to enemy techniques rivals Shishio's. Homura Dama is hard countered by Enishi's inhuman pain tolerance. Guren Kaina is similarly limited since it needs Homura Dama to set it up and/or Shishio to physically bully his opponent which he can't do with Enishi. Enishi can probably react to and evade Kaguzuchi or take out Shishio before he brings it out. If Enishi doesn't outright defeat Shishio, Shishio will combust long before Enishi goes down.

  18. Thats not going to happen, Sami Zayn isn’t Daniel Bryan no matter how much the internet wants him to be. This isn’t remotely the same thing as the Batista situation

  19. If the opponent wins against the champ they fight them in another match with the belt on the line.

  20. I don't get Ruby felt the need to show concern for Britt. Regardless of where Ruby falls in this originals vs outsiders feud, she shouldn't give a crap about who beats up Britt and why.

  21. They need to do a better job structuring their matches around ad breaks. This isn't a spot that should be wasted on PiP, even if they did do a replay.

  22. How rich in kayfabe is MJF supposed to be? Because briefcases typically can hold around 2 million dollars and he promised Rush five of those. Seems like a bit of an overpay given the talent being hired.

  23. Why do people keep diving at Joe? It doesn’t work. You don’t throw at prime time, you don’t blitz Brady, you don’t leave Jordan one on one, you don’t pitch to Bonds, and you don’t fucking dive at Joe.

  24. I wish they'd subvert that spot by doing a 619 to fake out Joe then do a dive on him.

  25. This is why anything goes matches should have allies for the performers. They're the ones that should be doing the setting up.

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