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  1. Loved it. I don’t think there’s a found footage that comes close to the quality of cloverfield.

  2. I truly think As Above, So Below is on the same level. That movie is so addictive, it’s literally an Indiana Jones found footage movie haha. It pulls you into the story and relies on atmosphere (it’s set in the Paris catacombs), but peppers in some amazing scares/imagery.

  3. Let's just agree to disagree, because I'm not trying to get myself banned.

  4. He is agreeing with you lol. He said he knows they aren’t bad people but also doesn’t really feel sorry for them because they come from wealth

  5. If this game is a 2/10, what game is worse? What earns a 1/10?

  6. The YouTube channel Rerez has a really good series called Just Bad Games about games that are a true 1/10. It’s insane lol. They actually stick it out and play through the entire game (which sometimes due to bugs and stuff can take an extremely long time). The videos are normally like 30-40 minutes long. You’ll be amazed at some of the games they play. Hunt Down The Freeman is probably worse than this (it’s an unofficial Half Life sequel that is notoriously horrible). Batman: Dark Tomorrow as well

  7. It's not a scotch on the rocks without the little umbrella!

  8. “oh god I’ve never been so happy to be beaten up by a woman”

  9. My heart skipped a beat because my mind automatically fills in “dead” when I see a famous person’s name and age in a post title. Every single time lol

  10. "Hey baby you wanna take care of this monster"

  11. I can’t decide which penis nickname I like more in this show: “this monster” or “big sweaty hog”

  12. Are you saying it's worth revisiting? I hadn't ever considered doing that

  13. Dead Man’s Chest + At World’s End is one of the most epic adventure stories told (it’s a true part 1 and 2, both movies are one long continuous story), with World’s End climactic maelstrom scene being perfect. The first 3 movies are definitely worth revisiting, you’ll probably end up watching them a few times

  14. Dump it all into prosthetics and practical effects and up the body count. More gore! More gore!

  15. I’m also down for it having a long runtime again. I know it’s a common complaint with T2, but I actually liked the really long runtime. Give me more mythology and fantasy shit mixed with the entirety of violence

  16. Interesting. I’m in the US, I am looking at three prescription bottles, and none of them have this. And they’re all from CVS, though one of them is a prepackaged bottle.

  17. I just wanted to ask, are any of them from Target? I got a prescription from there back in like 2013, only time I’ve done it, but they had the coolest pill bottles. They were dark red and “boxy” and a bright multicolored ring on the cap. They were dope

  18. first verse has Soulo’s hardest opening bars imo.

  19. My mom loves Young Sheldon. I think that was the demo they were going for though lol

  20. I’m so glad Abbott Elementary is really fucking good so I have something that my parents and I genuinely enjoy watching and can keep up with together. Seriously if you’re reading this and haven’t watched that show yet, do it asap. It’s dope as fuck, heartfelt in a real way, and fires off good jokes like old Arrested Development did.

  21. Abbott Elementary is so fucking funny.

  22. It’s little shit in the show that makes it so good and hilarious.

  23. Mate, I don't even know that you aren't the same guy.

  24. the comments are so insanely braindead it´s actually painful to read holy hell

  25. it’s almost as painful as this time I accidentally clicked on

  26. Endgame being a “post apocalyptic psychological mystery” killed me lmao. I was trying to think of any way that could be related to the movie. Only thing I came up with was that small part where New Team Thanos was trying to figure out why New Nebula’s brain was trash

  27. its criticizing how marvel movies are typically described as "actions flicks" while other movies (ie the "mob flicks" here) are given much more sophisticated labels

  28. nah the joke here is Scorsese famously criticized the MCU as not being cinema and are really just episodes of a big tv show. but this meme was created on

  29. If you’re genuinely asking, it’s the space between your asshole and your genitals. So just think of someone with their taint infected when they bring that up in the ads lol

  30. I hear really good things about Exorcist III. It’s on HBOMax and I’ve been meaning to watch it.

  31. It has what’s widely considered to be the greatest jump scare of all time. It’s a fantastic movie. Brad Douriff was robbed of an Oscar nom on the same level as Toni Collette being snubbed for Hereditary

  32. No problem. It’s one of the only movies I’ve seen that shows how powerful an actual demon would be in the real world. The opening scene is of the aftermath of a massive ancient battle, showing Pazuzu was able to take out two entire armies at once. It’s a really cool movie. I prefer Exorcist: The Beginning. If you liked that then you can give Dominion a shot. A good comparison is The Beginning is like a fun James Wan horror film, while Dominion is like an A24 elevated horror movie.

  33. Read this script as it was being developed, does this version still have Daniel Radcliffe as the movie star? They made a great joke about the chef killing him because he hated Victor Frankenstein.

  34. Nope. Sadly. Im assuming it’s the final version of the script since it has some rewrites in it. I wish it had the Frankenstein thing in it though, it’s hilarious. I did prefer this script’s slightly different ending that explains the mysterious silver door:

  35. What abt if their just their walking around or recording a video do I wait for them to cut or what’s the usual thing?

  36. I mean I wouldn’t interrupt them if they’re actively filming a video haha.

  37. 4/10 i'm honestly surprised to see so many high ratings, did we watch the same movie?

  38. It’s always been received well here, but after Halloween Ends did something different, Kills reception has increased a lot. Which is to be expected from the middle section of a trilogy

  39. That’s a good show in general. I just saw the one about Kellogg vs. Post. Who knew cereal could be so interesting — and cutthroat?

  40. Yeah when I see people on reddit still make fun of History Channel being garbage, they obviously haven’t seen those shows. I really like the docu-drama format of them. I’m glad they’ve now quarantined all their dumb alien and paranormal shows to like fridays only. The one they made last year about the Colosseum is really good if you haven’t checked it out yet. Each episode centers on a person who did something historical with the colosseum during the Roman Empire and the production values on the recreations are actually good.

  41. I totally forgot that back in fucking 2017 they mentioned Avengers tower being sold and we still have no fucking idea who bought it.

  42. At least they gave us a partial answer in Loki by showing the tower was owned by Qeng at some point before being pruned and ending up in The Void

  43. This post was recommended to me by Reddit, I didn't even realise it wasn't one of my usuals, never watched the show, but after this one, I sure will lmfao

  44. It’s the funniest and most consistent sitcom ever made imo. The fan base is amazing and this sub is a great place.

  45. that's why the old subreddit was deleted? because they leaked subtitles for which movie?

  46. the real question is why the hell do you want the subtitles of a movie that’s already streaming lmao

  47. i didnt realize its the actual subtitles

  48. Oh ok I gotcha. Yeah it was the actual subtitles, a user got ahold of another country’s release of the movie a few days before it’s wide release and translated its subtitles, so it was just the movie’s regular subtitles, which made me confused as to why you’d even want them haha

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