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  1. I'm sorry to say it as it is a bit insensitive, but suck it up and wait for the snow to be cleared. Looking at the very photo you posted, the property owner has done a beautiful job of clearing their sidewalk and the curb cut. Unfortunately the city plows blocked it again when they came through and cleared the street. It's unfortunate, but both parties are doing their job properly. It's unreasonable to expect every property owner to sit around all day for two to three days after a snow fall just waiting for the plows to come through so they can clear the curb cut again. Yes, they need to do that eventually. But give them a day at the least to do it when they get home.

  2. So, people with mobility issues should remain homebound all winter?

  3. People are really going to report your neighbors for this? With the amount of time and effort that takes you might as well go do it yourself quick.

  4. Looking at these photos, it pretty obvious the OP can't shovel them. And also can't get through with the condition there in.

  5. Send him a response of several hundred pages, written in highly technical medical and scientific language, that references hundreds of studies.

  6. Send him a response of several hundred pages, written in highly technical medical and scientific language, that references hundreds of studies.

  7. Yep. Bars tend not to show PPV, cuz they usually have to pay higher rates based on their max. capacity.

  8. For eyeglasses, you can go to just about any optometry clinic and they should have a Lions' Club collection box.

  9. Well, if she was aware of his dealing, should she not have reported him to the appropriate authorities?

  10. I'm pretty sure that, as a judge, she's required by state law to report it.

  11. I think #1 is the one on So. Park St. in Madison. It's still there, but now it's a Pick n Save,

  12. This is spot on. I live in Bassett, and the neighborhood assn. here will fight to the death against anything over 4 or 5 stories.

  13. Rookie mistake relying on the 80 for anything during winter

  14. And if you think it's bad this week, wait'll next week, when it's really cold.

  15. Seconding the Nitty Gritty. They brand themselves as the birthday bar. Birthday person gets all you can drink for free and a birthday mug(although the options are mostly beer). Pretty sure they have a sober birthday option too but not sure what is it

  16. IIRC, the free drinking options are domestic tap beers or soda.

  17. What are you looking for? Cheap with beer & burgers? Fancy and a nice dinner?

  18. From this video shot in 2019, the movie theaters were already full of black mold then. It's long beyond time for this place to be torn down.

  19. I'm just confused what MPD is going to cite them for if the noise isn't audible from the street.

  20. It's doesn't have to be audible from the street. It just has to be disruptive to another person. The violator will get fined for a noise ordinance violation. I went through the very same thing years ago, so I speak from experience.

  21. His unit is on the back of the building second story so the noise doesn’t extend to the street. I’m thinking if it gets bad enough I can ask the other 2 tenants if they’re sick of the noise too

  22. It doesn't matter if you can't hear it from the street. I had the same issue 15 years ago with an upstairs neighbor.

  23. One of the witches is named Hexe, the German word for witch. Lol

  24. Harkens back to publisher emeritus, T. Herman Zweibel ... a slightly altered spelling of "zwiebel", the German word for "onion".

  25. Even if they did read the URL, chances are they have no clue what Dunning-Kruger means.

  26. Moving back in time to the south for this very reason, we're running out of water in the Southwest. There's no plan, except things that look great on paper, but not in reality. I was reading an article about using groundwater, except a lot of places haven't placed limits on groundwater so they're already low. Some want to refill aqueducts and spent ground water holding areas, but there's no talk of where that water should come from (except they pretend that no matter how much they use, they can somehow magically get more in rain... despite global warming saying no.). The only folks left in the Southwest in two decades will be those rich enough to buy water, gods above and below help the millions too poor to move that are just being driven off a cliff by runaway water usage denial.

  27. I live 1000’ from the shore of Lake Superior and have for my whole life. It’s amazing that you can start to take it for granted, and a lot of people here do, that it’s basically the perfect freshwater supply - our “treatment plant” for 50,000 people and industry is a single building about the size of the average McDonald’s. Thank goodness for Canada’s partial ownership of the lakes or I believe the “idiots of the SW” would’ve tried to build a pipeline already.

  28. I’ve been to a couple banquets where they gave you the gun at the event. Once in Milwaukee and once in Okauchee. They were NRA events back around 2007-2012 ish.

  29. Used to go to Ducks Unlimited banquets where they give away a lot of shotguns. They always had a gun dealer with an FFL on hand to fill out the paperwork.

  30. Rescheduled? I thought they said the game was cancelled. When did that change?

  31. As long as the GOP keeps promising a Christian theocracy with plenty of guns for every man, woman and child, these dolts will always vote against their best economic interests.

  32. It's the old library science program, updated for the 21st Century and the Internet.

  33. Seriously, this is a criminal threat of bodily harm. It needs to be turned over to law enforcement, along with security camera footage of the person.

  34. Wisconsin is home to one of the most unique features in the world, and by unique, we mean that the center of the world (NORTHERN HEMISPHERE) is in Wisconsin. It’s true! Most folks don’t believe it at first, but Wisconsin boasts a truly fascinating reputation. Up in the central part of the state, west of Wausau is a totally amazing spot that only exists in a few places in the world. Tucked away on a farm in Poniatowski is the intersection of 45 North parallel and the 90 West parallel. If you’re looking for the center of the world, well. It’s in Wisconsin.

  35. Of the four 45/90 points on Earth, it's the only one that's easily accessible. The others are:

  36. The Driftless Area is amazing, especially when you get off the main highways.

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