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  1. When it’s achievements like that, is it overall or in an ascension? Also great job

  2. If y'all could help out by telling me which letters don't have a corresponding song that would help a ton

  3. Omg I just read this for my English class. I chose it specifically because of TØP

  4. Oh lordie no! There’s tons of regional ones, or singles, or what have you. These are all the official US releases of the albums, plus Three Songs EP and the Quiet Is Violent EP! The latter of which I think hails from Australia? I found it at my local record store here in Columbus though!

  5. Is Quiet is Violent an official release? If so is there a vinyl and where can I get it?

  6. Yes, every song from Heavydirtysoul-Lane Boy was on the radio at some point, and I wanna say Polarize was too at one point

  7. I would suggest Linkin Park Breaking the Habit and Papercut, Given Up is a good choice too, though has a couple f bombs but some very amazing vocals

  8. Personally I think this is great, but what is it you don’t like about friend please?

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