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  1. peter griffin said it best, “fat men aren’t fat. only fat women are fat”

  2. Does nobody notice he hit the brakes the second the guy started to step out, car just slid on the snow

  3. Schrödinger's Arseholes - those people who are constantly offensive arseholes but if challenged they say they are “only joking / taking the piss”.

  4. I subscribe to the school of thought that if you must clarify that it was a joke, then it wasn’t a joke. If it were a real joke, people would laugh.

  5. this might be my favorite talking head in the show

  6. I’m not going to lie, sometimes when I’m handing the reader out, I’ll accidentally hit a button without realizing it. But I also check the screen before I hand it 100% over and I’ve caught myself accidentally hitting buttons when I didn’t mean to. It could have been an accident, but I’d call it in and let the manager know

  7. Same. And it will be like the $5 one and i’ll yank it back in so quickly because i’m so scared they’re gonna be like “yo wtf is this”.

  8. One time I was about 15 minutes into a shift and someone ordered a dragon drink with no ice and I went to shake it and spilt the entire thing on myself I nearly walked out

  9. i would be VIOLENTLY angry. The no ice ones are the worst because the lid simply has no interest in staying on.

  10. SAME! I’ve started putting half the amount of ice in when I shake it (so it doesn’t fill right to the brim of the shaker) and then adding the other half of the ice to the cup itself. It makes it significantly easier and the drink actually gets shaken up rather than just lightly sloshed around from how full the shaker is otherwise

  11. yeah that’s sorta what i’ve started doing. i still feel like somehow i always end up with drink on my face though…

  12. Think about it this way, if there is a long line for stuff in the cafe, there is likely a long line of drinks in the process of being made.

  13. i wish more people had an attitude like this. if i saw this on my ring app or whatever i’d be like hell yeah and go buy some numbers for my house

  14. the cat is like “this isn’t funny but you feed me so i’ll help you”

  15. This is not at all what I think the song sounds like and that is what is so absolutely cool about Tame Impala, it sounds different to everyone. Nonetheless, this is an awesome illustration!

  16. Ty! Got a raw papers KCMO tee too haha

  17. what a bunch of freakishly good musicians

  18. But VSauce is shot and produced in California. Why is that showing as Kansas?

  19. awesome! I’ve been thinking about a currents tattoo but as someone without a tattoo, i have no idea what i would be getting myself into. How much do you pay? If you don’t mind me asking

  20. I’ve been thinking about a currents tattoo! If I may ask, how much did that cost you? It looks excellent!

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