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  1. The sniper assassin achievements. I have every achievement done except for those. I can do the 1 mil score and SA, but the challenges are going to take a while. (Complete all the challenges/100% the level)

  2. The channel "Executioner gaming" made some great tutorials for the challenges that changed a bit in H3, if you have problems with them.

  3. I can help, I’ll place my sign by the fogwall. Irvin/dosed16

  4. I'm really bad at PVP and never done it before, but we can try if you want. Can you dm me, so we can discuss the details there? :)

  5. I'm fine. But thanks a lot for the offer :)

  6. Gotcha. Welp now onto the next level...something I have no idea on. Well got enough embers but wonder if you want to party up and explore the place? At Earthen Peak Ruins and just don't know where to go. So may just die a lot

  7. I would love to, but I can't atm. Going to play with some friends in a bit. But you can just dm me, if you need help with something in the future :)

  8. Gotcha. Good luck on that, I'll just be trying to get to the next boss or something. These angel things are so annoying.

  9. Yup. They're the worst. Have fun though :)

  10. I can help. Where should I put down the sign?

  11. Church of Yorshka? You can sit at the bonfire to see it's name.

  12. If I'm not mistaken I think OP is playing original DS, not DS3 - probably in Anor Londo in the basement with the firekeeper - DS or DS Remastered

  13. That would explain it. I never played original DS and just assumed that Anor Londo was just in DS3 My apologies. :(

  14. Why did you beat Greed with him, and not just Greedier? :)

  15. For most yeah but for some you need to invade instead of farming but I know for a fact that it works for sunlight medals,vertebra shackles and pale tongues

  16. Sorry he was talking about ds1 I thought he was talking about ds3 but it still might work but idk

  17. Oh and infront of the fog wall or at the bonfire?

  18. Sorry. I need to do something real quick. But I'll be there in I hope 10 mins. Really sorry.

  19. Don't know if I even helped that much. I started lagging REALLY bad after entering tge fog wall GGs though

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