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  1. So wait, if I accelerate a plane to very fast™️ in kerbin atmosphere and switch away somehow, It’ll orbit within the atmosphere?

  2. you can exploit fairings and engine plate to do this WHILE controlling it lol

  3. The downside, you’ll be loading this station’s parts every time you load any ship.

  4. i actually accidentally recovered it so don't gotta worry about that anymore lol, but i did think of that so it's probably for the best. at least i got the screenshots tho

  5. Huh. I've done EVA construction in space, with several kerbals at once, but for some reason never considered doing it on Kerbin. You've expanded my thinking. Thanks!

  6. is this a mod or what? i need this since i always struggle to name my crafts

  7. Janitor. Go to settlements and clean them up, empty all the bins, wash the blood off the walls.

  8. I keep forgetting how fucking massive Olympus Mons is

  9. yeah it's about the size of France. and around 3x taller than Everest

  10. either your headlights are off or, if they're on, they need to be replaced. when you drive at night with no lights, yes you are pretty much invisible.

  11. It is difficult to determine which invention is "the worst" as it depends on how one defines "worst." However, some inventions have had a significant negative impact on humanity and the world, such as:

  12. all of these things exist and people are still commenting tiktok lol.

  13. an FC RX-7 (i know the Ruiner looks sorta like an FC but it's a Pontiac muscle car)

  14. yeah i was one of those kids. i still remember vividly, getting up to tell my 4th grade teacher i felt like i was gonna throw up, and then throwing up on the floor in front of her before i could get barely any words out

  15. It takes 10 months to change the name?

  16. 10 months to figure out how to keep the hype going before the next delay, and the next, and the next...

  17. just a gfuel quirk, give it a quick shake before each sip and you'll be good

  18. as this is your first ship i would recommend learning the basics before going into such advanced design as this. but i will say, for a first ship, it looks damn good

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