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Why Raze Mains Are Unstoppable

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  1. my literal playboi carti tier list gets removed and yeat content doesnt thats crazy ☠️

  2. Sova main, I use my recon and people keep camping instead of pushing after I give the info.

  3. that's what happens when you throw your phone to a rapper

  4. it wasn't her phone, but throwing your phone at uzi and he throw that shit right back at you would be funny asl

  5. Mans having fun in valorant ranked like it's COD while i'm sweating just to get out of Bronze

  6. There has to be some context behind this. How tf is this allowed if there isn’t?

  7. It's a video of a woman being assaulted. It's regular APF material, except that the aggressors are black

  8. There would be a religion that worships the hand.

  9. Dying crushed by the hand would be the ultimate privilege and a honorable death

  10. Habits V1, Fast Life, 9SM, Suicide Mission, Bane, Saving Me, Rain, A Minute, Nobu, Seasons, Woke Up Lit, Mollywrld, Put That Sht On, Lights Off, SVJ, WTF, 6am in LA, Do The Most, Okay Ya, Lit Like Dis

  11. Tbh I won't miss the "WTF is going on in ..... sub 💀" posts

  12. How come no one ever asks why she is racist? Rather than just attack and give her a bigger reason to be racist ...maybe she was bullied and harrassed by blacks alot and now she is racist ...deny all you want but I've seen it too much in high school blacks can be very racist bullies

  13. so being bullied by whites gives you a reason to hate them ? you're retarded

  14. If he had all his paperwork in order and was legally allowed to leave for Europe then sure go ahead. No one wants illegals in their country! Except the governor of California…

  15. You gotta turn the faucet off sometime or else the bathtub will overflow and ruin the bathroom.

  16. yea basically what happened when Europe people went to America 😂 and now they complain about immigrants in "their" country

  17. Brains don't work without the entire nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory system, endocrine system and urinary system. So, no, you're not a wad of soggy bacon piloting a suit. You're the gestalt of all that shit.

  18. no brain is evil ruler of the body and all of the other organs are forced to work to feed it

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