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  1. My question is there really an upgrade for the PS5 version

  2. I used this stadium called Mega Complex Park a ton in 21. It had everything. Football, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Pool, waterfall, even a little concert stage. It was maxed out with 60k fans. I was hoping to find it again in 23.

  3. Thank you for making this your first stadium for 2023. I sent you DM on Xbox showing my appreciation for this stadium. Can't wait for my A's to move to Vegas in the near future

  4. Where did you get the 25% off from the beta program? I've completed several surveys and don't recall getting notified about a 25% off code.

  5. I have an Arc and two Ones in my game room and always thought when I played Apple Spacial Audio on Apple TV I was truly getting the Spacial Audio experience with my Ones. I guess I've been fooled the whole time. 

  6. Instead of listening to an hour podcast. Here's a shorter 6 min video.

  7. 10G is a branding name for the Xfinity network, not a reference to present internet speeds. Nothing has changed.

  8. Totally understand. I've been there before in my younger years. Apartments, Duplex, 4 plexes, or shared housing sucks and take forever to upgrade.

  9. That looks awesome. That would be a perfect game room for me

  10. So after switching back and forth between Apple TV, Roku, LG Netflix app items on Apple TV are just mislabeled. Once I go into my Sonos app it shows shows playing in Atmos.

  11. I first noticed back in November after seeing someone mention Warrior Nun no longer had Dolby Vision/Atmos so upon opening all looked normal so I took a photo. It wasn’t until I backed out I saw the logos change, upon playback however still had Dolby Vision and Atmos. All the shows I’ve played since have all still had Atmos.

  12. Just checked Warrior Nun and it's labeled Ultra HD 4k and Dolby on my LG CX Netflix app.

  13. I want to scream when Pat was talking about PGA 2k 🎮. He was sounding like my 85 year old grandfather trying to play a video game

  14. Hi OP. I just got Amazon Ultimate and was having the same issue as you. I'm on Android but still having the same issues of not knowing if my Echo Studio or any of my Echo devices are playing in HD, Atmos, or 360 Audio.

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