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  1. Not sure about the YSL store itself, but if you have a cobbler you really trust, they can put a hole in it.

  2. Thank you. I appreciate it. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone. But I will look around to see if there is in my neighborhood

  3. They also make hole punchers for leather (I have used them myself) but I understand maybe not wanting to do it yourself since it is an expensive bag.

  4. In my experience Kate Spade bags are better quality

  5. I have a Kensington and while it’s a tad annoying to get into and the straps aren’t well suited for a cross body, it’s absolutely the softest feeling leather and I get the most compliments on it vs my more expensive bags. I love it. I also dislike KS as a brand because they’re hugely over carried where I live.

  6. Do you have this version of the Kensington with the color coated straps? I just worry about it possibly chipping with time.

  7. I don’t own it but I know I’ve seen some reviews on YouTube if you want to try checking that!


  9. OP, this bag is very cute! I don't personally own it, but i've owned several Coach Outlet bags and accessories and I've loved them all.

  10. I understand! I don't know much about the different styles of bags but does it come in a smaller version? Also, maybe check Kate Spade Surprise. Since they're owned by the same company maybe they have a similar style?

  11. Yes. Not sure about the name but it’s most likely a Coach outlet bag. Usually the outlet bags (not always but mostly) go to TJ Maxx/marshalls

  12. Interesting. I wasn’t able to find I anywhere online! Good to know.

  13. I love your bag! Is it coach? I can’t find it online anywhere!

  14. I might be wrong. But it looks like the Coach track belt bag. It’s only available in black on the Coach outlet US website. This person might not be from the US

  15. When I’m on the treadmill I read on the kindle app on my phone!! It’s how I read books quicker and more often

  16. First things first, I don’t spend a ton on other things (trips, clothes) but second, I don’t buy crazy expensive bags (nothing wrong if you do). So it’s slightly more justifiable since I’m spending $300 or less on a bag.

  17. I’m still debating whether to do online return or in store.

  18. If you live close enough, return to a store. The refund processing time for coach is long as fuck. Once they get it, it takes at least 7 business days if not longer

  19. I loveeee that Prada bag. Wish I could afford it but I can dream!

  20. For those working in substance use, how do you get away from "giving advice". I am a BSW intern. I ran a group last night, only for the second time ever but still. We were a little short staffed and I was one of the only people who could run the group. And I felt like I was not really offering a lot of support and rather kind of fell into giving advice. I understand that I'm new to this and that I need to have patience with myself, but I left the group feeling like nothing I did was right and was questioning my ability.

  21. I see it's a quite unpopular opinion here but tbh, I totally get you, the brand isn't very common in Europe and personally, I don't like the bags with the big C logo. But each to their own of course.

  22. Most newer Coach bags have minimal branding, but it definitely depends on the bag. I have the Cassie 19 in black and it has very minimal branding

  23. I don’t think this is normal for any brand. I would reach out to them!

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