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  1. I know this is an old thread and no one will see this, but doesn’t Pepper have kids?? A son in the military?? Yet when Sal leaves her kid he talks about how he always wanted a kid of his own

  2. I don't think it's ever to soon for at least a little bit of flowers- IF... a huge IF- IF they do actually like flowers. So provided that you already know they like flowers, definitely go for it! Why not!

  3. I have no idea if they like them or not. But I didn’t want to ask and ruin it lmao so. But that’s why I’ve decided to go with a succulent. It’s hard to NOT like those cute little guys

  4. A month isn't too soon for flowers. I was about a month into dating my very-not-into-romantic-gestures girlfriend (now wife), when I had a work event where traditionally you would have flowers presented to your spouse/partner.

  5. Oh yeah I’m not doing anything public I’m just taking it over to their apartment today when I go visit and I got them a goofy birthday card because they enjoy funny puns 😅

  6. I dated someone once with the worst black widow neck tattoo 🤢 worst part was that it was the only tattoo she had. Idk I think spider tattoos have to be really well done and neck tattoos are NOT for everyone

  7. I liked it a good bit honestly. I’m very much out now, but I think I like it because I can relate so much. The family and their trying to protect how their community views them and just keeping up appearances and everything is extremely similar to my situation. Even me being out I think my family tries to hide it from everyone else so no one knows they have a gay kid. And I would be battling the closet same as Harper if someone didn’t out me. I don’t think I would’ve chosen to come out yet (24)

  8. Tbh I share my mental stuff pretty early but it’s because I know a lot of people aren’t going to stay when they find out anyways so I do it to weed people out 😅 and the trauma dumping for me has never really bothered anyone but I think that’s a queer thing at this point

  9. Definitely don’t be friends with the homophobe but also if it’s someone you’ve been friends with your whole life I understand how it’s hard to let go even when you have differences :/

  10. Google gay hand thing tiktok 😂 💅it was with that Doja Cat/SZA song. It’s basically limp wrist but idk that feel derogatory to call it that

  11. I think too large is when the purpose of the crate becomes lost eg if they no longer feel cosy and secure because they’re like a pea in a drum, you won’t get the benefit of the crate - that looks to be fine for now :)

  12. I was worried about this with mine so I put a bed in it that took up the whole bottom and some other things in there to make the space seem smaller and now she loves it! Just while I’m waiting on her to grow into it

  13. That sucks. That smile snd those eyes will make sure you’re not lonely for long.

  14. My puppy hated it at first. I just started leaving her in the crate for very short periods of time while I was cleaning in the kitchen or something to show her I was going to come back. I made it super comfy with a dog bed and her favorite blanket, some puzzle toys, and I give her a treat. I didn’t think she was ready to crate overnight yet but one night she kept crying at the puppy gate and I was frustrated so I thought let me just try to put her in the crate and she went straight to sleep. She can’t see my room from the crate so I think that helps in the fact of she doesn’t feel like I’m close enough that I’ll give her attention if she whines. She really only whines when she’s out of the crate and sitting at the puppy gate while I’m doing something in another room.

  15. When people change plans on me too fast. There’s a window of time when changing plans is okay. But people who do it day of or a couple days before get me very upset. I have to gear up so much energy and prepare for that one thing just for it to change and I may not have the energy for the new thing

  16. As a poly lesbian, if someone told me they needed monog I’d end the relationship. It wouldn’t be fair to either one of us. People who are poly need different things that monog folks. It’s not good or bad just different. I’m sorry about it ending regardless

  17. I understand that. I’m not upset bc she wants to be in a poly relationship, I’m upset bc she told me she doesn’t need that/want that and that she wants to be mono with me and then thought that if we were together long enough or if I went to therapy id just change my mind and want to be poly with her

  18. I'll have to double check with my husband, he's a vet, but I'm pretty sure I recall him saying it didn't matter if the active duty personal was legally married or not, if they were found out to be "stepping out on their partner" they would be punished.

  19. I don’t want anything like that to happen anyways so there’s no need. It’s not that big of a deal to me to go to that length

  20. I get this a lot but to be fair I’m convinced I dream things before they happen. My grandmother does a lot too

  21. Not sure if you'll find this helpful or not, but for most body types, you're not going to look good in a suit unless you get it tailored. It's amazing what happens if you buy a pair of loose slacks and a suit jacket that's just slightly oversized and then take them to a tailor. Even if it's a cheap suit to begin with, if you spend $60-100 on a good tailor, you'll be amazed at how much better you look and feel.

  22. There is no such thing as the "right" body type for a suit, you just need to find one that is tailored to you! Esp if you're looking in the price range of wedding clothes, you're going to have the most well-tailored suit that flatters your body perfectly.

  23. Thanks 🥹 I’m so ready. I just hope me and her click right like with my old therapist

  24. I got my pup at 4 months with zero socialisation. I ended up getting a behaviourist. 2 things that helped majorly.

  25. Remember socialization is about more than playing nice with other dogs, it’s also about being exposed to lots of things in a safe and positive way.

  26. That’s what I’m working on currently 😅 I think I just get freaked out because since she is mostly pit there’s already a lot of stigma around her so the reaction people have when she barks/growls is a LOT different than what they would have if it were another dog. At least where I live that’s the case

  27. I personally don’t like the good pet stuff and I think good person sounds a bit strange/not good flow. You could try same meaning but more than just two words instead of “good insert here” you could just make it a bit longer of a phrase to help change the wording and just add whatever pet name/endearing term you like. We usually say love but Like.. “yes love, just like that” “you listen so well dear” or scrap it all together and just add the same vibe with not pet name “I love when you behave for me”

  28. Don’t force her to do that, it pisses me off when any man tries to control a women. Your obsessing over this which I have done with friends. In my experience they always push away and stop wanting to hang out with you. If you feel hidden make your own instagram account and post pictures with her in it with you. She isn’t obligated to post any pictures with you and this is coming from an overly aggressive man like me who has anger outbursts all the time on top of my bpd. If you think I’m being a little harsh remember I’m very protective when it comes to women especially, it’s just an ideal I follow. Distract yourself when you feel yourself needing to call her about this issue and cry. That’s manipulation, I don’t judge you for this because I also do the same. But just be self aware when you unintentionally do this.

  29. I made a very dum assumption, it’s 2022 and I support you all the same. I stand by my opinion and hope your able to be self aware in these situations. Good luck!!!

  30. I replied to you but it made it a new comment outside of this little comment thread so please read that 😅

  31. She didn’t know that I didn’t even know it was something that would trigger me until it like happened but by that point she was already inside and not checking her phone. Thankfully, it was just a joke. She was never going to do that in the first place she just thought it’d be funny and as soon as she left she read my message and she felt bad that the joke triggered me but we are okay

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