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  1. Atomic purple still available ?

  2. After his performance in the Mandalorian, I would love to see him as The Question.

  3. The Megalodon 3-button Macropad can connect VIA ? thank you

  4. Can confirm it fits Asus ROG B550-I. Works with the glass panel too.

  5. It looks like the bottom fans are set to exhaust instead of intake. That might make a difference

  6. Hey so, I really want to thank you, the temperature went down to 60° while gaming and the rest of the system is pretty much colder now, thanks for the help

  7. I combined two sets to get a themed keyboard. This looks great in my opinion, go for it

  8. What caps are those? I'm looking to pick up the nk65, and I realized that the pcb is south facing

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