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  1. He ain't lying. These drops are confirmed at other locations now. Random midweek huge drops

  2. It tends to stand out and be very polarizing. I think its delicious for what it is personally, but imo it is very dill / mint heavy.

  3. 2c of Blantons and the Traverse City OHLQ picks. Exactly 12 in line right now

  4. Ugh thanks for update. Was almost there saved myself a trip haha

  5. Trust but verify. They found three more cases before open for a total 5c of Blantons this morning

  6. Lol damn. Thats ok had other things to do this AM.

  7. Could either be a scam or a legitimate mistake thinking you're someone else if you don't know him. Keep in touch would be a really random pickup line when you dont know the person lol.

  8. If you are that concerned, asking a legal expert would be the right move. That being said, you're right in that alcohol is not controlled, and if you have never been convicted of a crime related to a controlled substance, then by the wording you can faithfully answer no, in my personal opinion.

  9. The A'bunadh is absolutely delicious, I have batch 71. Haven't had the yellow spot.

  10. Probably also specialty dependent. Im anesthesia, and my program is very family friendly despite being a large academic center. I have felt very supported and have been relieved quickly a few times when I've had to pick my child up for being sick with little notice and have always been told family comes first. I wouldn't quit, but I also wouldn't care much about what one attending says about my family situation. I don't know the dynamic and if that particular attending has power over any potential post-residency plans, but either way at the end of the day your family is your number one support and short of quitting residency they should always come first when able. Never feel guilty about calling out and using a sick day for family reasons. You have a right to those days. The hospital can go on without you despite what one attending may think.

  11. I'm doing truelearn plus going through the advanced exam content outline from the ABA website and annotating it slowly to review during July. Im not looking to take this twice.

  12. seeing as most are tier 1, wouldn't be surprised if it's closer to the 200 mark.

  13. Tier 1 is least desirable for the barrel strength offerings, although it is most desirable for their standard single barrel.

  14. The Wednesday Woo! Wednesday's lunch special.

  15. What about the Lord of the Mountain?

  16. Yes, actually, but then it bucks you off and charges

  17. WT101 is cheap and versatile. Could also have MM available. Bulleit just isn't very good on the versatility scale, basil Hayden is too expensive for how cheap and flat it tastes (80 proof) for a wedding and mixing it will completely dilute it out. That's my 2 cents.

  18. Wait their standard single barrel is allocated?

  19. Are you having difficulty swallowing, speaking, or opening your mouth all the way? If so, it may be worth the trip to an emergency department if you can't get into a dentist quickly. Infected teeth can progress to facial abscesses that can be life threatening if left untreated too long.

  20. I had no problem securing a physician mortgage out of medical school. Im pretty sure I needed to show them my signed resident employment agreement prior to close, which was no issue by the time closing game as it had been sent out electronically well before.

  21. I did not have any credit card debt at the time so they did not give me any issue on it. With the physician loans, they look at your anticipated obligatory monthly payments for any outstanding debts relative to your monthly income in addition to your anticipated gross income / debt ratio. If you have enough CC debt that would significantly raise your monthly obligation to debt, I would imagine it may play a role. Definitely something to talk to the broker about when you're shopping for a mortgage.

  22. I'll start by saying im no investment or real estate expert, but wanted to just offer some considerations rather than pointing you one way or another.

  23. I was there in December and there were hammocks out behind the beach chairs nearest the docks (near the life vest / snorkeling gear hut).

  24. Yeah she legally can't take your kids away from you or out of state. In fact, she's showing already that she is not acting in her kids best interest by pulling them out of school with no plan and moving away from their dad. Obviously limited info here as to history/ parenting but, from what you've said, if they're legally your kids she can't just leave with them.

  25. Thank you so much! This really helps! I’m really glad I asked!

  26. San Diego port may have different security measures, but Port Canaveral makes you put it through the xray scanner with your personal items and bags, so they make you empty it and collapse it to run it through. Only if they see it won't fit will they let you wheel it through the metal detector.

  27. Kroger on HRR with 3c OWA (1c survived line but gone now), 2c WSR big boys, like 5c of WSR small.

  28. The other comment is very great / thorough. Some additional questions you could consider:

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