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  1. Me playing jhin, arguably one of the more ping reliant champion, on 300 ping with friends because I moved to another continents to study. But its jhin my beloved.

  2. A friend I play with moved to the other side of the world (11 hours of time difference) not that long ago. So we both created a new account to the continent situated at the middle distance from both of us. That way we have both "only" have around 90 - 130 ping and there is no one penalised with a 200+ ping

  3. We had played for a long time on tw server and there are at least 6-7 friends that stayed and play there, most of which played for 10+ years with like level 300 or 400 accounts so I dont really want to ask them to create new accounts just for me. And also for context I am in uk right now, so there arent exactly a middle distance server in like the middle east that will help that much to warrant it.

  4. I wonder if that guy did it yet. Dude made a 12 hours analysis video for Ann after all. At first I thought it was extreme simping, but no, he made one for Ryuji too. And it was even longer… I think.

  5. I don’t know how, but this speaks volumes about human patience. Like, holy shit, this disappointment loops back around to being impressive.

  6. Its impressive in the way that a burger that 10 times as large as a normal burger. Like its cool, but the burger is gonna be undercooked, the vegetable is gonna soak the bread so much that its like eating watery sponge and its probably gonna taste like shit.

  7. Crit gives consistency in auto and kiting potency. Lethality abuse early game lead and makes ability especially w and ult pops. Not exactly a new thing, I think ikeepittaco made guides about it.

  8. Kill zone is just inconsistent. Actually, its xcom’s line of sight that is inconsistent. I have never seen my sharpshooter shoot more than twice with kill zone unless they are on a big open field, which is the last place that sharpshooter wanna stays at.

  9. Aim is so bad, even if you get a free action from damn good ground its either to shoot with a pistol or hell, use pistol overwatch is better than hunker down.

  10. Larry my beloved. Literally the best gym leader and redacted in the scarlet and violet.

  11. bullet train, good movie… FUCK WHY ARENT THERE ANY MORE GOOD MOVIES TO WATCH

  12. Saw the death flag miles away, and yet it still hits hard.

  13. Oh no Carters dead! He was my favorite character.

  14. In previous comics Charles learnt of his number (which is apparently very low) and got told some additional detail about the white room. Maybe he has literally just gone mad for learning that he cannot get out no matter what, or maybe learning certain something about the white room broke him. Since he mentioned stuff like ‘in control’ or ‘putting on a show’ it could be that some entity is using white room as an entertainment. Or hell, we could be the entity that are the sick fucks who enjoy their suffering as entertainment.

  15. That makes sense with the title of this one being 'Zero' too. Claire was at 1 and now that Charles killed her, she's at '0'.

  16. So maybe the number is how many times you can die in the room before you truly die? And since the white room is hostile a low number means you so little room for trial and error until you get to the bell room, so ‘you cant get out’

  17. Dont forget about the fucking with memory thing with the russians and edward.

  18. Mobile suit gundam evolution: witch from mercury, the timeline didnt even flicker for one bit.

  19. Look man what is he gonna do when the heisters drop into the ground floor with the elevator, dangle a 1km rope ladder down the elevator shaft?

  20. Discord doesnt censor private servers or servers that the admin/mod didnt turn on auto moderation I think. And I think auto-mod doesnt apply to mods/admin, at least afaik for their messages (in a public server with auto mod on, we cant type 1984, but mods can). Not sure if it applies to server name.

  21. Everyone else is trolling. Also, you do not see the bodies in the mist, you do not see the bodies in the mist, you do not see the bodies in the mist you do not see the bodies in the mist THERE ARE NO BODIES IN THE MIST

  22. You still foolishly consider yourself an entity separate from the whole. I know better. And I. Will. Show you.

  23. No thats not a stack overflow. Anything this obvious is usually texture issue. Overflow is usually visible when a number becomes so large it shows up as negative, which in ultrakill is not likely to happen because it doesnt have much content that will infinitely scale other than cybergrind.

  24. That's not a stack overflow. That's an integer overflow.

  25. Oh right I forgot its about stack overflow specifically. Mb.

  26. I mean the issue is it’s already capable of rivaling other Mediguns. It’s actually banned in competitive because it’s too good.

  27. Quick-fix is my fav medi-gun. With a losing team especially in defense being able to heal up 3 allies from critical health in the time stocks take to heal one is extremely valuable. (At least before one of the demoknight that I flash my heal on presses right click and I am now in the middle of enemy team)

  28. Change your password (and any account that share the same password) instantly. Someone must have access to your account. Do you have 2-factor authentication?

  29. I really don't remember if there's any point that it does tell you in game, but I've been playing since HW and only really remember seeing it in the patch notes.

  30. Yeah the more I hear about the pre-shb era the more I am interested and horrified by this mess of a game. As a tank main tho I really wish they kept the tank and dps stance, cuz it sounded hella fun to flip between them and actually have to manage aggro (no tank swapping isnt aggro managing I literallay just have to press 2 buttons); that being said, as a gnb main my hotbar is literally full already and I dont think it would be a good idea.

  31. I will say that, on paper stance switching SEEMS like a fun idea, but in practice it was absolutely god awful, it was annoying at best, and at wost felt detrimental, especially if you did endgame content, MTing was basically sacrificing your parse, especially if your DPS weren't using their enmity mitigation tools which would force you to do more enmity combos, this was especially nightmarish in certain situations where WHMs using their heals RIPPED aggro from you

  32. Yeah fair, I assumed it would be clunky af too. But honestly as a tank main I feel that rotation wise its kinda boring. Yeah tank swap is fun and all and challenging so current savage just decided to put 12 of them in one raid instead as challenge, like come on.

  33. at this point its either going to be unwarranted "is this a scam even though its been posted 5,000 times over the past month" posts, spamming the same unfunny meme format or other kind of post format 12,000 times per millisecond until people start raging about it (and then the rage posts get people riled up too), or posting actual relevant stuff like in-game screenshots/clips of random stuff happening

  34. That and first crate unusual drop/mvm aussie drop on first tour and asks how much is it worth. We all know you are just fucking flexing and karmawhoring.

  35. the excitable A-lister proceed to tank a Fatalis nova with his face for you and LIVES

  36. Now men starts to understand how it feels to have every parts of their body fetishised.

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